Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Manderzz is 12!

She got the itouch that she HAD to have!

Manderzz' Birthday is on Valentine's Day and Jr's is on Halloween...those 2 weeks are up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas with the busy-ness factor! Those 2 love parties. Dills....he's already got his gift for his b-day in June (a fancy bike) and may want to take a friend to eat or have a couple over to play games and eat pizza...much more calm.... Blogger isn't letting me put captions...very frustrated...Jr made her Oero ice cream cake at 11:30pm! It was that busy of a day...I let her open gifts @ midnight...
I love that picture of Lynnette texting on 2 phones at the same time...how can she do that?
The girls played Apples to Apples and watched She's the Man, they love that movie! Manderzz got cash and a warm blanket (we LOVE blankets and pillows!) and 2 Hollister hoodies also. She's already ordered more clothes with her birthday cash....AE with a 40% off coupon. Manderzz knows how to shop! Although CB thinks she needs practice in malls...I think online works very well...malls take too much time.

The weekend that her birthday fell on happened to be the busiest weekend EVER here...we didn't even do half of the stuff that was going on. BUT we did go bowling with the girls that slept over and the next day with CB (he posted about that already on his blog) The kids went to the Ice Cream Social that the preschool puts on...I avoided that. All the ice cream you can eat and more toppings than anyone could ever dream of eating is not an event I need to attend! We missed the basketball games that went on for several days, missed a cookie decorating event (we make cookies daily so no big deal) I missed the Chocolate Extravaganza :( We had to have the slumber party that night. Something else was happening on Friday night. I can't be waiting 2 weeks to blog too much happens!
The kids are dressing in togas for spirit week (yes shorts and tops underneath)

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  1. AWESOME TELL HER HAPPY BIRTHDAY. She really has grown up over the years wow. You sound like you were quite busy. Dad and I this year stayed home we didn't get out and of any of the Valentine things here either. We decided we had split King Crab legs, salmon, seasoned chicken breast, and t-bones in our freezer among our other yummy Alaska seafood why go out. We finally got rid of the old desk, table, chair, desk top computer, and sewing machine. Now we have all the junk in the bins to sort through then the closets upstairs. We hope to be finished by next year LOL. We are getting it done little by little. It is one of those jobs where you just do it a bit at a time until you get it all done. Love the spirit week togas very cool