Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spirit Week Toga Day & Cute Bella Shots....

Bella is so loving!!
Belly rubs make her smile! those socks guys! And those shorts Jr!


  1. Adorable the Greeks and Romans would um yeah claim them...well maybe not in the senate, but definitely somewhere LOL cute socks and great on the shoes.

  2. Loven the togas!! YES!!!Jr is gonna be in great practice for rush week!! Ok why iam i NOT surprised that you have halloween sheets?? ;op

  3. hahaha that's Grandma R, we have sheets for most all occasions. Not one plain white sheet has EVER been in my world.
    There are no Greek System at SU...not sure what they have at Manchester, but I'm SURE there will be get-togethers that require his newly found talent for saftey pin usage on sheets!