Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Day!

Yup..that's my kid in that lovely outfit. It'd make CB so proud to know him :)
CB doesn't appreciate my early morning going to the rec-center look -- a hoodie, sweats and xtra-tuffs. I say it's OK it's what you do here! I do draw the line at shorts and a pea coat...that's just wrong.
Bella and Manderzz looking like each other!

We hardly ever have snow days here...a couple Mondays ago it was very blustery in the early morning and the kids got the day off! I let them sleep for a little while, then we got BUSY! We cleaned out many of our children's books and movies and Jr worked on organizing his room, he doesn't like to throw ANYTHING away (can't blame him, I'm not a big fan of throwing stuff away either!)
I was in another room when Jr got his dinosaurs out and let them stretch their legs a bit.
I'm behind in one of my classes and some blogging in another, it's the dumbest thing, I can't figure their blog out!! Heading to Fairbanks in 6 days for school-- I hope to get caught up before I leave...I've got to start focusing tomorrow. But I'm getting prepared for Jr's Court of Honor (Eagle Scout Ceremony) too.
I'll have 3 days in ANC to work on classes on the way back. I just went through T getting 2 wisdom teeth out --he was over 40! Forget that, I'm getting all the kids' done before they go to college...kid one scheduled for March 9th.


  1. Hee hee the dinos are on the loose. Manderzz and Bella look so cute. Hey did a certain surprise make it that way? I got a confirmation but wanted to check it did get there finally, stupid company everywhere before heading it that way. Much easier if kids get wisdom teeth out when they are young the gum heals quicker. Kid needs hers out she keeps putting it off. When she gets in enough pain she will get them done. Gal get your class work caught up now you don't want to get into trouble LOL. The kitty boys are super acrobatic now they are jumping seven feet straight up and flipping from the top of their tree. looks like time to raise it with more wood blocks under the base
    thank goodness we have high ceilings. They have huge long legs and stretch out to sleep the bed hogs. We are giving them some of the salmon burger patties we ordered they love the salmon. I'll send ya some pictures as soon as I get my camera back from kid.

  2. I can't let JW see all those dinos - he would be green with envy. Cute pics - glad you are blogging again.

  3. hahah I'll pass that on, maybe the 18 year old will pass them on, knowing they'd go to someone who'd love them like he did, errr does. Funny kid!
    Blogging means avoiding calc...
    Margarita...yes. I'll make a post about that!!

  4. The Coat is great but the shorts and the xtra-tuffs? Still, Small steps. Ill teach the boy to dress properly before college.

    New post up. Special picture for Manderzz!

  5. Oh Yeah, and I am EXPECTING you to keep up with the blog while I am away so I can keep in touch with all the activities. You are going to the Soup off Right?

  6. haha OK CB....except I'm leaving Sunday for 10 days. I'll miss A LOT...the busiest week yet. With 250 or so people flying in for basketball. I'm missing it all.

  7. LoL. Love the dinos. CB, what's wrong with what Jr is wearing? Looks fine to me lol.