Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Funniest Soap Opera Ever --REALLY!

The Skipper, Rollo, Vixen, Cornelia and Tiempo Bandito...dancing...
More dancing alongside our "busy" is the main road, to us it's busy-- not a car every 30-45 minutes like we get at our house...
From my car, this move made ZERO sense, but it cracked me up....the rest of the crew is behind her, you can see their rain gear!
Uhhh ohhh hopefully Pipa doesn't see my blog shhhhhh don't tell her! (she HATES her picture taken) And Laresa used to be like that, I thought, but she's got a pretty substantial role in this show, maybe she's decided to embrace her inner TV star-ness??
hehehe Sonia, you're so goofy...and these scenes are mild....they get so much sillier!
There were scenes where Manderzz was complaining,"But that's not Sonia...she's not like that at all!!" I think that means good job ACTING. She was confused.

I know what I was doing Friday the 12th that kept me from doing ANYTHING was the 2nd night of the KUCB on-air live fundraising auction. I've been involved with this auction for about 10 years. I have been on air, but enjoy answering the phones, taking bids and memberships the very most...and I'm better at it :)
I took these pictures earlier in January, but held off publishing them until after the world premier of the show Dutch Harbor 99692....The main cast included Cornelia (my favorite actress!) Vixon the observer, Tiempo Bandito AKA T-Bone and Rollo crewmembers and "The Skipper"
Everyone should see a theme with the names??
I was lucky enough to go to cast screening party (pays to know someone in the show!) and we had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.
It's the funniest, bestest show, I LOVE IT! Manderzz loved it....we can't wait for the DVD to be available. Everyone involved did a great job. I hope after the production people recover they might do more of this type of project :) maybe???
Sonia and I were running errands and going to our different activities around town the day I got these shots, but as she found out filming is a very time consuming ordeal...I left and went back to the rec center for my kids' soccer game.
The scene I watched being filmed ended up being the opening credits....I had no idea at the time and could only think --WHAT?? And chuckle...people dancing in rain gear among the crab pots stored alongside the road???? It all comes together though. Got to get the dvd if you missed any or all of the show!!!


  1. Now gal you know I am gonna want one of those dvd's that sounds like a hilarious show. I bet you guys loved it. The character names are great good job. Glad your auction went well hey I would give ya tons of the green stuff. LOL

  2. Hey, cool blog! I had so much fun doing the soap opera! Missed you while I was busy being a star, but I can't wait to get the DVD when they come out! :-) That's funny .. Mandy said "That's not Sonia at all!" Yep, I'm not ZEN at all!!! But, I do have my freakout moments on the show too .. that's more my style! LOL