Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Husband the Champion

I'm crabby today, but a quick post to brag about my husband...he is the racquetball champ again, he played yesterday while I was slaving away in my cubicle. After snowshoeing, but before walking with me...he was a bit tired last night!!! He has been the champ for years now :) Instead of a t-shirt or a trophy we got 3 months added to our family pass at the rec center VERY VERY good prize..thanks Tony and Jeff :)
Shane with the USCG is moving back....that'll be some competition for him, he's looking forward to that. Shane is some sort of professional (?? do they really have professional racquetball players??) Shane will beat up on him and he'll improve, that's all good.
Ohh note to self..the kids say those shorts must go and some new longer ones must be ordered!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Snowshoeing is My New Favorite Thing

It was gorgeous yesterday and I didn't want the winter to pass without having used my new snowshoes! I'd never hear the end of that, LOL. We just walked down the road from our house to Pyramid mountain....WOW!! I can't take scenery pictures, but it was lovely and not too hard either, even my old chubby body did just fine.

My throat has been hurting all weekend, but a weird hurt, I thought maybe it was swollen glands (which I've never had before) my boss told me it's my thyroid! That sounds scary!! I don't want a messed up thyroid! She doesn't seem in any hurry to do anything, but I don't drama! I've already complained about my hair falling out and weak nails, I've gained a ton of weight now this! I am going to ANC to a real MD when the boat gets back in town after the next patrol....so annoyed! I was hurting and grouchy, didn't even talk today, BUT I did get two homework assignments done, that is major for me! Maybe my lack of concentration has something...ohh nevermind that is just because I'm having more fun than usual I think!

Anyone have advice??? Anyone??

My husband got today off with pay "Seward's Day" Why don't Tribal Health Entities celebrate that holiday LOL LOL LOL....we get APIA day instead, we can't celebrate the US buying Alaska from the Russians...they didn't REALLY own it! He went snowshoeing without me...trying to get him to go for a walk. He also won the raquetball tournament and is washing that truck, again! I don't know if he'll want to go outside for another hour.

Eveyone is leaving us, what will we do this weekend?? I should do an essay or 2 and scrapbook!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

NEW Party Food Invented!!

That giant slab of fish is half of a king salmon! It was absolutely amazing,..Chris was unable to stop munching on it! I had a bit, but was still hovering over the King Crab McNachos

I need to have a party just so I can eat the dish that Bruce McConnell invented last night at Don Graves' birthday party....It was an amazing spread of food as always at the Graves' house --sushi, king salmon, artichoke crab dip, 7 layer dip, pizza, salad, cheese and crackers, meatballs, rice...the list goes on & on with strawberries & raspberry jam on angel food cake too (YUM!!!) All of that was delicious, but Bruce invented King Crab McNachoes (the Mc is for his last name) king crab and artichoke hearts and a bit of onion all chopped finely mixed with some shredded pepper jack cheese (not a lot) he put a scoop on each chip individually and lightly sprinkled some more cheese! I'd have added a jalapeno slice on each...it was sooo good my mouth is watering remembering them...ohh that could be because it's after 7 and we haven't had dinner yet LOL.... I want to have an excuse to make these myself...it was soooo good. I ate 5 or 6 and forgot to take a picture. I have to have them this week??? hmmmmm Alena!, CB? Sonia?? We need a party!!

I had Sirhana take pictures of the rest of the party...lol have to track her down to get them! It was fun even though my husband was sick and didn't come :( darn gastritis..yuk.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who is that Hot Chick at the Museum??

Gotta have a shot of Sonia and Alena! on my post....I haven't seen enough of Sonia this week, the boat is in, she's been BUSY. I've been very very lazy.
People brought their kids, geezzz I didn't even think about it. Ahh they were all busy anyway, they do need some culture though hmmm...maybe we'll do something cultural this summer
Me & CB....where DID YOU GO??? Alena! went to the hotel, I went home...she never saw you??????????????
Hooray for Bailey...you look GREAT!

Last night the new guy that started at the Museum of the Aleutians held an "Antique Clinic" I know nothing about antiques, don't even own anything old, so it was all new info to me and quite interesting! I hope they keep having these sessions and more people bring their treasures to show off!
Bailey at the desk is all grown up now, I remember her playing Pokemon with one of my kids when she lived next door to us! She's been doing a GREAT job on losing weight with Alena!'s Unalaska's Biggest Winner Contest...I think she's doing great, keep up the good work Bai and don't make all that fried food for the birthday party, make good stuff!!
I've done nothing today except I did go to work for 2 hours....we have been doing things with new friends for the past 2 months,
but we're going to a birthday party at the home of some friends we've had for a decade tonight!! YAY!! I'm all rested up, I promise to stay awake and not curl in a corner of the couch and snooze!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer is Coming!!

It's still "volcanoing" But I've got plenty to do this weekend, I'm over my trip, glad I didn't pack...poor Gigi...I think AK Air won't make a desecion for a half-hour or so, I did read something about ash fall predicted for the ANC area...

The good news is this morning the sun was starting to come up ay 7:50am!!! HORRAY!!!! Having daylight before work is AMAZING!!! It stays dark as late as 10 or 10:30 in December this is a big big step ...I get all sorts of energy when it's light in the morning...I want to make a list of all the summer activities I want to do...I won't, I need to get homework done --I still haven't done much. I'd rather watch DVDs and do a miraid of other very important things, like going to the museum Antiques Roadshow tonight, a birthday celebration tomorrow......but summer is coming! i can open my windows and hear the river, I can go camping, walk on the beach, hike, go to the black sand lakes....opps there's that list, must stop and focus!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Call, Sorry Heder!

Heather and I a couple years ago before I started college and work and didn't sit all day!!!!! I'll see you soon, really!

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Alaska Airlines canceled all flights to and from Anchorage as a safety precaution following Mount Redoubt's Thursday morning eruptions.

The cancellations were in effect for the remainder of the day, and the airline hoped to resume operations after daylight Friday.

I knew it was a good idea to blow off my trip. Now I don't feel AS grumpy.
this way I get to attend the museum function tomorrow, right CB?

A friend's b-day on SAT. I think I'll not do the soup-off.... toooo long!

And work out everyday rather than eat out!

For CB's Mum....

Today is dull and ugly and snowy and I should be heading to ANC to see my favorite girlfriend of all time...sorry everyone else Heather and I have been through EVERYTHING in the past 25 years! Other than looking forward to a bunch of events this weekend there is nothing to be cheery about today!!!! CB said his mum likes seeing my family ---ME TOO! I could post 300 pics, but I won't...not all of them today anyway!! So, here's us....I need to go to the PCR tonight, that would help me cheer up.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ohhh Why Didn't I Have My Good Camera??

The weather was just awful this morning! It's better now. I'm not going to Juneau, it's for the best, I'm sort of bummed though. I'll get over it.

There was a seal on the ice in Margaret's Bay today (the one you see when sitting in the downstairs restaurant at the hotel) I don't remember ever even seeing ice, much less a seal right in town! (but I just started being a "regular" at lunch!)
I had a Lions Club committee meeting and I only had my junky camera! So frustrated! He was cute.

Sorry CB I didn't come find you (you were probably really busy with all the stranded passengers.... I know the restaurant was busier than I've ever seen it!!) I had to wait to get salads to bring back to the office and it all took a long time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Should We Go??

Salmon dip (yum!), blueberry muffins, and the first batch of kulich YUM YUM YUM (Russian Easter bread) of the season --Irene of course! I pouted and promised my husband would share lots of fish with her if she makes me a loaf, she knows he will share anyway LOL
I made my delicious spinach-egg-feta cheese burritos on whole wheat tortillas this morning for her "work" party
Birthday girl Judi along with Claire and Gigi (Jane)
Pirok, alladix (sp?) a flourless cake -- I have a kid whose allegic to potatos, tomatos, peanut butter, wheat and barley...I need to get better about making things like this for him. And quite possibly the most delicious parfait EVER!
I want fancy china dishes!! We have Tupperware!!!
Biggest Winner??!!! HA! It's practically impossible.
??? I JUST KNOW she LOVES to be on everyone's blogs! I see her everywhere!

Sunday was a pretty mellow day, I skipped a brunch invite to lounge on my couch for way too many hours. I did attend a tea part/birthday/fund raiser for Judi. It was fun and the snacks were incredible! Yesterday absolutely nothing of interest happened in our worlds. I did workout, I watched TV, I worked. My boys were just hanging around, my daughter did her piano lesson and swam with friends, at least someone had energy!
I can't decide whether to travel to JNU or just blow it off. We have a lot to do this weekend, many events HERE at home (not unusual) and I'd only see my husband for 1 day, he'd actually be gone when I got back :( Not good.....
I should do my 4 papers for school too........ ohhh decisions. I need a piece of chocolate peanut butter cake CB :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Boys are Gross

He was a bit hungry, he was not impressed with the pizza I ordered on Friday, was eating like he'd been starving for a week. hmmmm I don't remember him being home for dinner much?? Maybe he hadn't? Thank goodness Sonia made some delicious spaghetti for us!
They brought their own pizzas this time! I like that!
My kid thought garlic bread from a box was the best thing ever! LOL...that's what I get for making homemade food all their lives.

I got some veggies in, even though they were coated in greasy yumminess.

Saturday was so mellow I don't even remember what I did, I guess that's good?? We had no soccer, nothing big happening at all? hmmmm.... OK I've got nothing! My buddy Sonia made spaghetti for us that night, we liked it so much the kids got it again on Sunday night :) I used up some of my organic veggies....we had some boys over to play all night long, while the teenager slept. (that buffet is EARLY on Sunday am) I think I meant to do homework, not sure that I actually did. I think I messed around on STUPID Facebook, what is with that site LOL it sucks you in.
OK back to homework, really! I'm so behind I really must focus!
Maybe I'll be stuck this week if the ash comes this way??? Who knows, I haven't read up on it, we'll see what happens on Thursday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Professional Procrastinator's Friday Night Fun

Sonia trying to print something, we were waiting for her daughter to call after the March Madness event at PCR
What's up with Ozzy???
I lost Phase 10 really badly! I think my daughter won, or was it Alena!? or maybe Sonia??
Go Peach Go!!! (we got quite used to 12th place!)

Sonia and Alena! came over last night with a boy each, I wanted to see what the big deal is about Wii, so I let my middle guy bring his Wii and Guitar Hero World Tour into the living room, we had some dinner from Dutch Harbor Fast Food (why don't they deliver???) I played Wii with Alena, some Mario Racing game, ughhh makes me motion sick. And Mario and Sonic Olympics, we ran and did the trampoline too. I did fine when I figured out where the "A" button is. We had enough after that, I hear there are MANY more to try, so tonight I will try a few more. We played a couple games, had a martini and a couple mugs of Irish Coffee --It's St. Patrick's Week still......right?? I heard a rumor when running errands this morning that Alena! has quite a headache LOL silly girl had plans after she left us...I sorted some Unalaska rubber stamps to sell for the "Bring Martha MacGuyver back" fund! It's snowy, but a nice mellow day, soccer is over!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


OK..... here is yet another very unique Unalaskan institution, our dentist! The amount of work done each year conveniently is just about what my insurance covers, and they're good at billing and best of all put up with a lot. You can get really ticked off, tell them, they deal 'wif it, work it out with you and move on...this is a good thing! We have strong personalities in this community!!

We had a lame-weird-mean-eyed dentist come here for a short time, I told his wife that he charged too much and I'd think about booking the rest of the family....I was a bit short with her, I admit, but they banned me!! They asked me never to come back, sent me a letter!! OMG people have to be tougher than that!

My dentist never gives up...I give him that. But it was miserable today! My head was lower than my feet, all the blood was rushing to my head, he didn't care. My throat was numb, it was hard to swallow, but not all of my tooth or my gum on the inside. Then I started coughing (darn sick kid!) during the gluing of the crown -oppps! The worst part was my crown that I supposedly need to replace my filling that did its job perfectly well for about 25 years (gray is ugly and BAD I know...that's why I suffer through this crap) is the wrong color it's so obvious that my good buddy who always makes me feel better said "OH MY GAWDDD!" when she saw it...thanks Alena! Gigi is there now and you're next!!!
He's going to fix it on Monday morning, I won't be beaming a giant smile until Monday afternoon. I like my teeth to be pretty, I'm sick of this particular tooth.

Ohh and Alena is such a smarty-pants she brings her GOOD sunglasses, I prefer the HAWT ones they provide.

Another Confession

Irene is the best Health Aid ever, we love IM, she's the best cook and baker too. hmm where is the pirok she told me she was making LAST weekend??
Here ya go Alena! Me in my yellow vest! It's a hand-me-down, came with the pins and everything!

I'm in the Lions Club...LOL Alena! Laughs at me, but it's fun, everyone is usually happy and it's all about helping people. It's fun to see everyone, and eat lunch at the Grand too! I'm a Tail Twister for the 2nd year...I bring a bell to the meetings, it's the easiest officer job ever! Just right for me! This year I'm organizing a big Easter Breakfast that the Lions put on every year I'm enjoying giving everyone roles :) I think I'm bossy, who knew??
I took a picture of Irene too, she's sooo cute! She's wearing my hat, I almost bought it from Eagle, I even petted it LOL, but she grabbed it first! LOVE the purple and lime she's wearing!! Have a good weekend...maybe mine will be calm here and I will get my English essay done and I need to write up my interview I did with Alena! 2 weeks ago for Nutrition Class....sooo bored with school :(

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Alec's mom was cracking my son up...made both the blood draw and x-ray painless.

That's a good looking St. Patrick's Day dinner!
We ARE getting low on green food color, good thing I saw 8oz containers of it at AK Ship the other day...why? why? why? I can't even imagine who buys that...ohh wait I'm going to!
This looks BAD, I just stirred some food coloring into olive oil, spread on the bread, sprinkled Greek seasoning (it's my favorite) and some Parmesan cheese on top.

OK I've got to get my St. Patrick's Day loveliness out of the way, then a couple pics of my middle kid who has pneumonia...I'm a scrapbooker at heart and I had to take pics of him at the OTHER clinic yesterday...he coughed all night long, the locals will say, "Ohhhhh Pooooor" when someone is pitiful, that is my kid today!
He's got some cough syrup with codeine in him, some antibiotics and 7 seasons of pirated Boy Meets World (I swear I didn't know they were pirated when I bought all 7 seasons off eBay for $63!!!)