Friday, March 20, 2009


OK..... here is yet another very unique Unalaskan institution, our dentist! The amount of work done each year conveniently is just about what my insurance covers, and they're good at billing and best of all put up with a lot. You can get really ticked off, tell them, they deal 'wif it, work it out with you and move on...this is a good thing! We have strong personalities in this community!!

We had a lame-weird-mean-eyed dentist come here for a short time, I told his wife that he charged too much and I'd think about booking the rest of the family....I was a bit short with her, I admit, but they banned me!! They asked me never to come back, sent me a letter!! OMG people have to be tougher than that!

My dentist never gives up...I give him that. But it was miserable today! My head was lower than my feet, all the blood was rushing to my head, he didn't care. My throat was numb, it was hard to swallow, but not all of my tooth or my gum on the inside. Then I started coughing (darn sick kid!) during the gluing of the crown -oppps! The worst part was my crown that I supposedly need to replace my filling that did its job perfectly well for about 25 years (gray is ugly and BAD I know...that's why I suffer through this crap) is the wrong color it's so obvious that my good buddy who always makes me feel better said "OH MY GAWDDD!" when she saw it...thanks Alena! Gigi is there now and you're next!!!
He's going to fix it on Monday morning, I won't be beaming a giant smile until Monday afternoon. I like my teeth to be pretty, I'm sick of this particular tooth.

Ohh and Alena is such a smarty-pants she brings her GOOD sunglasses, I prefer the HAWT ones they provide.


  1. Love the sunglasses gal hee hee very cool.

  2. Man, I forgot my camera or we could have had twinsie blogs today. I just got home, had the same thing with my head lower than my feet but no choking, thank God. My anesthesia did wear off before he was done with my bridge and that cold air/water hitting the area liked to have brought me out of the chair. It's pretty darned sore right now but looks pretty as far as I can tell with it far back in my mouth. :) And I prefer their sunglasses myself.

    BTW, Regina wants to do brunch at 11 on Sunday if you and Alena are game. I told her we already have something later but what the heck, maybe I just won't eat much at brunch. :)

    Good luck on the next phase of work.

  3. I'll go if you're planning on going!