Friday, March 06, 2009

Evening FUN in Unalaska

We did not plan our outfits, hair, skin tone, cheeks, teeth or smiles --really!
Actually my hair was not behaving and my kind husband told me to stick my finger in a light socket and maybe it'd look better!

This is our board prez Tammy...she's very important as she'll be president of the Alaska Association of School Boards next year --means she's traveling a lot! We're very proud of her!

Student rep 'looking good! Who lets their teen wear jammies to a board meeting??? Those bratty kids, they are too busy and don't come home after school to be nagged at about clothes, go figure.
Sonia got to run the was the second on that day she ran that I attended...that smile tells me she likes to run things :)
Holly and John...they're the best!

A few nights a month I get to attend meetings. That is fun to us in Unalaska!! Almost everyone I know is on a few boards/committees or a bunch of them :)
We're a busy group. Or they just go to meetings (CB). Last night was an extra school board meeting for the 1st reading of the budget for next year. The budget committee (I'm not on that one!) and Holly the business manager do such a good job it makes perfect sense to all.. I applaud them!


  1. A budget that makes sense...I applaud them too!

  2. HEY!!! I hope to soon be on the COnvention and Visitors Board soon, and then maybe city council in a few years!!

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  4. I can't spell...that's great you're getting into the swing of things...we're all about boards here...what is that??

    I'm craving a veggie sandwich. I'm going to Mag Bay at noon!!!!