Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Incredibly Exausting Saturday

I forgot to add the pic of the game! The most exciting thing we did on SAT. Life can be intense :)
Martha traveled over 3000 miles to sort pictures???
My SAT night, I was wiped out after 4 events during the day!
The WWII Museum is very informative and quite nicely put together.
Gigi in her first big event at UCB!

PCR awards ceremony....

Our Saturday with Martha Macguyver was crazy...we needed our couches after all the activities!
The day started with two soccer games, the final ones of the season. The players got cool trophies and we're done spending 4 hours a week at the PCR until next fall! We went to an membership meeting for the local TV/Radio station Unalaska Community Broadcasting, I'm a board member and worked the door signing members in and giving them their ballots. We had a special private viewing of the WWII Museum. The regular museum dude is on vacation with his mother the PC hostess who left just to avoid packing the loot :) So Alena!'s fabulous sis opened the museum just for us! We enjoyed the exhibits and watched the entire movie about the Aleut Evacuation during WWII. It's a heartbreaking show.
We played an intense game of Life with the teenagers -- I totally tied with my son! We had over 2.35 million each and the exact same random amount...I was impressed LOL. After that we just sat on the couches with our laptops...Martha sorted some of the 10k pics she took for her son's wresting team back home, I did homework. THAT'S MY STORY, I'M STICKING TO IT :)


  1. Ah, sounds like a nice...relaxing...totally true weekend! I'd love to see the WWII museum. I've been fascinated by WWII since I was a small child (one reason I love that Wizard tag, made on an authentic tag machine from the Aleutian outpost!)I have a couple of really interesting propaganda books that have all of the allied/axis posters from the war.
    2.35 million for the both of you...that is random! Also, Hey, even on vacation you've got to get stuff done and 10k of pics sounds like it'll take some time!

  2. Ohh I have a pic of that machine LOL...I will fwd it to you, it's weird looking! It's very cool, you just like our town Liz, you need to come here...there is a camp in July?? Don't you like helping with camps?

  3. And AFTER doing homework.............?
    Remember there are other blogs out there with other comments..some of them that can be traced backwards......

  4. according to the "dirt" i belive you have left some of saturday out !! in other words the night...... rofl!! ;op

  5. BTW, Fibbing by omission is still Fibbing!!

  6. :) LOL LOL ohhh wait yes! There were some beverages with Alena's mom and Zoya in the Chart Room at some point and maybe sweet potato fries and ranch dressing later???

  7. ohhh I just remembered something about coffee at the library? I think that was what it was! I know there was a librarian there!

  8. hahahah! CB is sooo calling you out! I do like your town! Mel, I want to come visit so badly! I love helping with camps! The one I work in the interior is in July too. I'm trying to raise enough money to get back there but air's even more this year! :P I'd love to come to yours too! (My gosh, why do I have to have a job?!?!)

  9. I've had several days off to play with my friend and I'm not sure why I have one! I love lunching and napping and doing homework on the couch :)

  10. great community of sharing friends, thanks for sharing. So funny to see CB holding Cookie Dough accountable for the entire Saturday.

    Sorry your classes didn't all have the same spring break.

  11. I didn't see you out at all on sat AT ALL. and I don't have photographic evidence to support that either...