Thursday, March 26, 2009

For CB's Mum....

Today is dull and ugly and snowy and I should be heading to ANC to see my favorite girlfriend of all time...sorry everyone else Heather and I have been through EVERYTHING in the past 25 years! Other than looking forward to a bunch of events this weekend there is nothing to be cheery about today!!!! CB said his mum likes seeing my family ---ME TOO! I could post 300 pics, but I won't...not all of them today anyway!! So, here's us....I need to go to the PCR tonight, that would help me cheer up.


  1. Iam sorry you arnt going. BOO !! But iam glad you posted these photos I just cant help but love the Ramona the Pest pic and Mini Junior & Dyl photo. So freaken cute!! Of course i also have to Love the crab hat pic. That is a BEAUTY there! My fav group photo is were she is holding your cheeck lordy LOVE IT!!! ~~~

  2. Hey!! I'm trying to work HOM into our trip! May 26-01 jun. Maybe I could drive down?? Part of the time in ANC part with you??

    Do you have any thoughts?
    I thought you might like the old pics...from your time here...I have a bunch of Ramona the Pest eating stamp pads too!

  3. awww what cute pictures!! if my mum where to post pictures of me as a kid i would be embarassed and probably wouldnt be a happy bunny lol
    Dont your kids mind?

  4. You have adorable kids CD. Beautiful smiles.

  5. Have a great visit what a harvest from the sea in the summertime.. great way to raise your children


  6. I'm not going to visit or to go to the School Board Legislative Fly-In. I'm staying here..that's why do bummed today. But it's "volcanoing" again anyway...why deal with the drama??

    Ohh yeah lots of fishing in the summers here! That's when the benefits really are's coming..yay!! Summer is soooo nice!

  7. Those are great shots! You've got a stellar fam. I love the one of you guys on the boat with the crabs! Also, those salmon, WOW!!!

    Sorry you won't get to see your best girl! I hope you're able to make up for it later. Hopefully it'll quit volcanoing soon!

  8. those dates wont work ill be the only one in the office that week!! BOOOO !! BUT kids and I have been kicking around a trip out to Dutch !!!! We are also thinking Kodiak for crab fest not sure yet!! Planning is over rated! lol~~~
    ps stamp eatting "pest" pics a must see!! ;op

  9. CD your kids look awesome.Wow they have grown so much. the pictures so how much fun you all have.I love the salmon pictures along with the crab ones. There is nothing like fresh from the sea for dinner.So sorry about your trip being Volcano canceled. I am sending happy thoughts your way for a good weekend.

  10. Exactly CD. CD and CB at the Museum Function tomorrow night.
    Warn the island!
    And Zoya, especially Zoya!!

  11. Oh, and I must say Junior, much like myself, looks SOOOOOOOO much better with contacts!!!
    I have not had glasses since 8th grade and am very very happy!!

  12. LOL Junior was going through a Harry Potter phase...he was should've seen it when the hair was black....ohhh I'm going to be in trouble now!

    Watch out island, here we come! My husband already called me PARTY ANIMAL all last night after hearing about our big night out LOL

  13. Can't leave the comments at 13!!
    By the Way,
    Tell Alena she has to come!!!