Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My friend "Martha McGuyver" She can make or fix ANYTHING!!! left Louisville about 2 hours ago but won't be here until 12:30 TOMORROW ...4 flights, not the greatest connections! Poor Martha....but she's got projects to do and a hotel stay in Seattle to rest up a bit. She won't sleep here..I have tooo much planned. I have more halibut, salmon and crab and moose meals planned than we can possibly eat, Alena has some "events" for us, we'll do brunch on Sunday,(she won't be here for the Wednesday buffet) and we have to play games too....ohhh my poor college grades!! This semester is not my favorite!

I did homework and got beat by my eldest son in cribbage last night. He likes experimenting and whipped up some vanilla bean-root beer ice cream last night hmmmm??? It's mixed up but not actually ice cream yet. We have a new cool bowl for the Kitcheaid that makes ice cream, I LOVE my lime green Kitchenaid!

Every morning this week is swim club. My 2 youngest did it last year, the first time ever, all the kids were learning everything, I don't think any of them had ever swam competitively before. Our kids all get swim lessons from Kindergarten - 4th grade for two weeks a year from our AMAZING Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Adams who is the best! Everyone learns to swim, there IS NO messing around with Mrs. Adams --she's not allowed to retire LOL... but the butterfly and all the nuisances of swimming competition were new to everyone. My son went on and did Jr. High swim team, my daughter is young enough that she can be in the club again this year (12 is the cut-off) There are 3 teams and every SAT for a month or 2 we'll have meets. It's very cool! A lot teens participate in coaching, I love our teens!
These pictures are from last year, I had a worn-out camera, the kids have grown so much!!


  1. Wow. All the kids take swimming lessons? thats incredible. OMG someone outside of New England knows what cribbage is! I thought that was a phenomenon only known to these parts!

  2. ohhh no! Cribbage is totally a boat game!! Before TVs and DVDs and X-boxes they played a lot of cards! Nobody can beat my husband except every once in awhile with several great hands in a row!! He can count faster than I can think too...even after several errr ummm beverages!

    Yup the school district schedules swim lessons 2x a year for a week for each class!

  3. I just ordered a really nice cribbage board for my fiance for his birthday.....I haven't played for a long time...but looking forward to kicking his butt! HAH! Cookie, do a couple of duck farts and THEN try to tape it for us too :)

  4. OMG.. that has to be the same Mrs Adams from when I used to have swimming trips over there back in k-6th grade!!! OMG!! it's so cool that you guys keep your teachers year after year and have them like family!!

    WOW, my hubby said he remembers her too!!

    We used to call her "Alice" after the woman on Brady Bunch!! WOW... tell her we said HI!!!

    WOW!!! :D

  5. If it wasn't for my friendly and wonderful swim instructor Christina. I think I wouldn't have taken to swimming so much. I'll be sure to send my kids to take up lessons with her. Where did you learn swimming anyhows?

  6. April that is funny! Yup Same Mrs. Adams...she's the BEST! I'll tell her hi for you.

    alisha...I learned how to swim at school in Kodiak, we had a wonderful pool attached to my Elementary school, but the kids all learn here in Unalaska in the very cool just-re-built pool with a slide and a giant hot tub/little kid area.

  7. ohh I checked out that link, how cool is that?! You guys are outside!!!