Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy 24 hours ( Finally the pics will upload)

Tony the PCR guy is hamming it up for his 11 year old fan club!
Swim club..."cool down" was 12 laps...she needed a couple hours' rest after that!
One of the Chileans! (what is the fascination LOL? He's not blond, he's slim...I'm just not getting it!)

I missed the shot where he did the splits...I think he's still sore...maybe that why he's wearing the SKINNY jeans, very skinny jeans today, they're like an ace wrap..ughhhhh!!!
Even made more points that we could even keep track of!
Martha arrived almost on time yesterday --unheard of! We saw an old friend of hers before we even left the airport parking lot! I did some homework and we rested for most of the afternoon,she packed the Pampered Chef -- the real hostess is on a convenient vacation (I know she left just to avoid 8 heavy boxes and 10 errands lol) I was pooped...all the excitement this week, but I did do some homework.

We spent 3 hours at the PCR walking for an hour then watching adult league soccer after that. We ran into another old friend and it felt like a time warp....back 6 years, except the kids are huge now.

Martha and E.E. noticed there are Chileans in town now. They were completely fascintaed...I,m thinking it was a motherly thing, the beautiful "kids" are more than 20 years younger than them!! LOL LOL.....

We've already been to the pool for swim practice and to the Grand Gift Shop for the big sale (we found a couple things, but I totally see why they have a new manager and are trying to get rid of the current stock!)


  1. old friends...the best friends have a great visit ladies

  2. Pictures please, cookie!

    Hope to see you out and about tomorrow night...

    Are you going to the play tonight?

  3. so wait, are we alll going out tonight or tomorrow night?

  4. Going to the play tonight...out and about tomorrow night....well, I am speaking for myself, but really hope to see you out too!

  5. OMG - OMG - Cookie Who is Tony? How old is he? What does he do? Does he have a girlfriend? How does he feel about petite blonde southern twenty something girl that still say hey ya'll, self supporting,and dying to come to Alaska! OMG he is so yummy,and then so!

  6. Zander...hmmm not sure if he's got a g/f. He's very young 20 or 21? I remember him as a sr in High School giving his mama a rose at their last game. He's a rec coordinator and coach...very sweet and adorable, dates petite girls for sure! Anyone else want to chime in here?

  7. Thanks Cookie but he's just a little to young by about seven years! I think I'm just looking for any excuse to come visit Alaska, and you know what I am!!! I just decided I am coming this summer! Thanks your blog has really motivated me to get out there and see the world!

  8. haha unalaska surely looks like the place to be and full of alot of good lookin guys!!