Monday, March 30, 2009

Snowshoeing is My New Favorite Thing

It was gorgeous yesterday and I didn't want the winter to pass without having used my new snowshoes! I'd never hear the end of that, LOL. We just walked down the road from our house to Pyramid mountain....WOW!! I can't take scenery pictures, but it was lovely and not too hard either, even my old chubby body did just fine.

My throat has been hurting all weekend, but a weird hurt, I thought maybe it was swollen glands (which I've never had before) my boss told me it's my thyroid! That sounds scary!! I don't want a messed up thyroid! She doesn't seem in any hurry to do anything, but I don't drama! I've already complained about my hair falling out and weak nails, I've gained a ton of weight now this! I am going to ANC to a real MD when the boat gets back in town after the next annoyed! I was hurting and grouchy, didn't even talk today, BUT I did get two homework assignments done, that is major for me! Maybe my lack of concentration has something...ohh nevermind that is just because I'm having more fun than usual I think!

Anyone have advice??? Anyone??

My husband got today off with pay "Seward's Day" Why don't Tribal Health Entities celebrate that holiday LOL LOL LOL....we get APIA day instead, we can't celebrate the US buying Alaska from the Russians...they didn't REALLY own it! He went snowshoeing without me...trying to get him to go for a walk. He also won the raquetball tournament and is washing that truck, again! I don't know if he'll want to go outside for another hour.

Eveyone is leaving us, what will we do this weekend?? I should do an essay or 2 and scrapbook!


  1. Snowshoe-ing looks like fun! Maybe we will have to get some for next winter. (I am counting on this winter being almost finished LOL Aren't I optimistic?). Sorry about your thyroid; I would definitely have it checked out elsewhere.

    We turned around in APIA parking lot today and passed Dimitri leaving. :) Rich was shocked at how fancy even the outside of the building was and what he could see from the parking lot. Also ran into Michele at Michael's yesterday.

  2. Get the local 'doc' to do a complete thyroid blood test. If they wont hop over to Akutan and get Darryl to do it. As a low thyroid sufferer for about 20 years I would put my bet on you haveing a low acting thyroid and needing synthroid. Good luck!

  3. Have to agree with Frieda. Weight gain is one of the symptoms/results of a low thyroid. Simple bloodwork can start the process.

  4. Snowshoeing looks like fun. You look like you enjoyed yourself.

    Gal get a doctor to run some blood work and check out that thyroid. All your symptoms sound like a case of low thyroid but make sure by getting the blood work done, insisted to your doctor to run the blood work. Let me know what happens, I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. If you have an interest in selling cookies or cookie dough for a fundraiser there is a website called Easy Fundraising Ideas that has about 10 different Cookie Dough Fundraising programs and they don't cost anything to start.

  6. The snowshoeing looks wonderfully fun! It's not really much of a pastime here. lol!

    The thyroid issue, yeah, I'd get the full work up..both of my sisters suffer from thyroid problems and are on synthroid. Some of their symptoms sound like those that you listed.

  7. Gigi..I think Santa will be bringing a few more pairs of snowshoes for Christmas next year!
    Yeah, THAT sure is a fancy building and hmmmmm fun to run into those bosses.
    PDX = Portland LOL I do that without thinking was a travel agent and a tkt agent for a long time

  8. Frieda you're cute! I work at the clinic here in Unalaska! A small IHS one like in NOT going to POP over there! I don't think one does "POP" over in Akutan in March?? SCARY! I'd be stuck for goodness knows how I'd do that in July, take some hikes, play with dogs, check out the diner with April...not in fall, winter or spring!!

    I did get the blood work done 2 months ago...I was on cusp of "within normal limits" but it's gotten worse and I need to press for more tests...or go to a specialist.

  9. Snowshoeing is awesome but this winter hasn't been the best for it out here - looks like we still have a chance to extend the season though! We've only been out a couple times this winter.