Monday, March 23, 2009

Boys are Gross

He was a bit hungry, he was not impressed with the pizza I ordered on Friday, was eating like he'd been starving for a week. hmmmm I don't remember him being home for dinner much?? Maybe he hadn't? Thank goodness Sonia made some delicious spaghetti for us!
They brought their own pizzas this time! I like that!
My kid thought garlic bread from a box was the best thing ever! LOL...that's what I get for making homemade food all their lives.

I got some veggies in, even though they were coated in greasy yumminess.

Saturday was so mellow I don't even remember what I did, I guess that's good?? We had no soccer, nothing big happening at all? hmmmm.... OK I've got nothing! My buddy Sonia made spaghetti for us that night, we liked it so much the kids got it again on Sunday night :) I used up some of my organic veggies....we had some boys over to play all night long, while the teenager slept. (that buffet is EARLY on Sunday am) I think I meant to do homework, not sure that I actually did. I think I messed around on STUPID Facebook, what is with that site LOL it sucks you in.
OK back to homework, really! I'm so behind I really must focus!
Maybe I'll be stuck this week if the ash comes this way??? Who knows, I haven't read up on it, we'll see what happens on Thursday!


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  2. I hope you don't get stuck by the ash gal. Sounds like you had a quiet weekend meanwhile we had the drama llama visit us here. URG why is it kids can hit that nerve shattering fingers on a chalkboard note so quickly LOL I am off to hunt for ear plugs HEE HEE

  3. Is he eating a spaghetti sandwich? You're on facebook? They've been making too many changes lately! I can't keep up! ack! Oh man, I hope the ash steers clear of you guys...I hope Redoubt settles down pretty soon.

  4. stay safe from volcanic ash. Sounds like a typical teenage boy night minus the girlfriends. Enjoy thhe time with them.

  5. I think it's going another direction, but I'm supposed to fly to Juneau on THUR --what to do?? I don't like hassle!
    The g/f was before the friends lol..he's good! Boys are great, even if they played all night and didn't let me get any solid sleep..I still think they're wonderful

  6. oooh I guess it's a spaghetti sandwich, that makes it sound a bit classier! I thought of it more as him hurrying and being gross LOL.