Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Shirt Right off His Back

Showing Sonia who has only been here a couple of weeks that for a price you can have just about ANY fruit or vegetable your heart desires, just have to be brave and march into the cooler at Alaska Ship Supply!

We visited our super-happy Story Corps ladies so MM could tell HER story before leaving us and going back to "the real world"EVERYONE needs to go see Kristine and Sharon, I mean where else in town are the folks THIS HAPPY???!!!!!!!
He-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned (see Alena!'s blog from awhile back..ugly t-shirt guy) is a friend of MM's. He saw her in my car, pinned us in with a grater while she was taking pictures of birds or boats or something on the spit. She loved his hoodie, he literally gave her the shirt off his back. If you read this...find me I have gifts for you from her R.
My kids hate it, but I love sale food! I have to have more parties and make more dip I guess, that's a lot of cream cheese.
Had to get souvenirs! Alaska Ship had the best, except there was a print at the Grand Gift shop that she'd had her eye on since she lived here (for real!) and got a SMOKIN' deal on it...

She also got crab from Unisea and a fancy box from Aleutian Fresh Seafoods, shipped it at Ace Cargo...all that took just 30 min. all the folks that helped with her kids will have a delicous party and see her pics of the her trip. A home movie from my husband's boat too which makes me totally seasick.

She's made it to Chicago now, almost home. I was so tired last night I went to bed at 9pm. I'm totally fighting a cold, but more on that later!


  1. I think you've sealed yourself in on the top position of the shit list now. Fo sho. posting about the enemy. FOR SHAME WOMAN! I miss MM already, she's such a hoot! You should have just brought her to work with you...I have projects aplenty for visiting friends. I know, I know...five year plan...

  2. haahah ohhh I didn't talk to him, SHE DID!! HE trapped my little car with a giant nice to me Bossy!!

    I knew I'd have to work if I stopped in LOL

  3. Hello Mellychops yep it is MP been hunting all over for ya too. I sent an email to CB asking him if he knew you and would he pass my email addy to you, but I don't think he got it. Gal drop me an email boy do I have a bunch of news for you wow we need to get caught up. Here is my new email

  4. lol. You guys crack me up. Im glad your friend had a great time!