Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Why did Diana pick on poor little me...."Ohhh CD has 2 friends now?! What does my beloved husband say to her?!!?!"
Yummy king crab, we only eat it in June when it's hot and fresh from the cooker. Well, except for some that I put away for dip...I miss Glitter Queen eating dip with me boohoooo...
Linda loves the creme brule my kid makes...I got a picture to make her husband the 1st mate on the boat jealous!
Diana the clerk in the office was overheard saying, "They let YOU handle a knife?!!!"
He's so cute, I love it when he makes omelets now we just want him to re-create them at home! We get a scrambled pile of goo at home..what's up with that??

I really had to do homework on Sunday, Martha took my car and went visiting. I watched "Over There" that I borrowed from one of my son's friends. And did a couple huge assignements that were due on Monday. We went to brunch with my husband's co-workers (the ones who aren't on the boat trip) and their families to welcome the new sargent. It was delicious as always. I just ate an omelet, smoked salmon & halibut on mini bagels with cream cheese. Ceviche (yum!) and a couple desserts that my kiddo made. Ohh and a teeny cute smoothy. My kids just laid around with me most of the day, except the middle guy tried to beat up on Martha a bit --she hangs out with 4 teens over 6 feet tall and mothers a whole wrestling team too. She is TOUGH! No 13 year old with a cold was going to take her down LOL...

Ohh I made moose French dips for dinner (on whole wheat French bread) and cesear salad. Martha has be able to tell everyone that she ate moose in Alaska...


  1. Hey Gal this is your crazy southern friend I saw your pic on CB's blog thought I drop by and say hi.I'll have to send ya some more veggie chips. drop me an email and let me know how you are. Love your blog and the nice background color.

  2. too cute. so does he actually cook at home? or do you have to cook for him still?

  3. Hey is that mamapointshoes??? Wild??!!
    I lost you...how are you??

    My kid rarely cooks at home, but he makes ice cream, that's his latest kick. Root beer was for Martha's visit and it tasted like the yummiest root beer float ever!

  4. I miss eatting crab dip with you too! my butt on the other hand does not as it is large enough with out that yummy goodness! I love that jr has got his cook on!! SWEET!~~ Oh and the daughter says you should bring Jr as she will keep him entertained. ROFLLL!!! serious eye rolling from me!

  5. ewwwww eye gouging injury here! that is just wrong! F is a little girl dressing up with Ramona the pest and jr is building a computer or playing legos....why do they grow up!?