Monday, March 09, 2009

Busy Day --Again

I love the way everyone that grew up in Unalaska makes macaroni salad --it's my only mayo-filled favorite food (I can't really see the mayo!)
I got a teenager to smile! It was my lucky day

Vicki was observing a new consultant, but she's so happy and cute I had to get a picture of her dancing.

Our kids are sleeping in, they're on Spring Break I'm so jealous!! I want to be home snoozing! We ended up having another jammed-pack day yesterday.
I remember FRI Alena! tried to get me to go "out" Me?? How crazy is that? But very sweet of her to ask! I should go sometime...if Lauri comes too and we try some of her wacky beverages!
Since Alena! doesn't talk about DC on her blog I'm safe from crazy stories being repeated about those Kodiak dudes who appeared in our office on FRI!

The rest of the weekend is a blur....

I attended a Body Shop party, got some yummy stuff, I smell like the Satsuma Body Butter I won! Then I went for a walk in the sunshine with my friend, her daughter and dog, I felt heat from the sun, so weird for March!

My husband while I was out doing all this invited an old friend and his wife who is up here visiting to dinner --he, did check with me, then bought food and made it all except for the salad. I took a nap before they arrived, glad they didn't know about the time change! We had some wine, some people had steaks (yuk, not me!) we visited for almost 4 hours. The friend is the coolest guy ever! the Jack Palance of crabbing and nobody will ever see it, he's way too cool and there is no controversy on his boat worthy of TV cameras... OK better do some of that homework that I NEVER even touched this weekend...I'm sooooo tired :(


  1. Is that honeydew up there? I love it, but can never pick out a good one!

    The weather here has been warm this week too, nearly 80 yesterday! I still can't believe in the same week we had snowmen and short shorts!

    Anyone who is the Jack Palance of anything has my vote! Also, I don't know about you, but that 1 DST hour feels more like 7 this morning.

  2. I can't deal with time changes! I HATE IT!! It's still pitch black here :( it's all wrong for this town, it'll be light until after 9 and dark in the AM it makes no sense. Ohh well soon enough it'll be light from 5am-midnight YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

  3. Oh yeah we get a lot of fruit (you just have to pay the price!) My husband got a gorgeous strawberries for us yesterday!! Very sweet as he doesn't even eat them :)

  4. Man, I hate the time change. I couldn't sleep all weekend and then definitely have not wanted to get up! Sounds like another fun filled several days for you. I think parents should get a spring break with their kids as well. :)

  5. Wish you were my supervisor lol..
    I do have to ask for days to be with my friend. Sort of nervous, she expects consistency from me --not so much from others.

  6. Yeah, given the oddity of daylight hours for y'all it doesn't seem to make much sense! The only nice thing for me is that I don't have to come to work in the dark and leave in the dark now. I loved that midnight sun when I was up in Salcha! One AM and we were still out on the fourwheelers!

    I can't wait till it's really strawberry season here, I'm heading out to the fields to pick a few gallons as soon as it hits!

  7. send some strawberries to CT!! lol

    wow. Do you guys know what rest is? You are so busy all the time! I actually get tired just from reading the blogs! Do share some stories! we like to hear them!

  8. Resting is what I do when I leave town! Business trips where you sit and listen for 10 hours with breaks are rest, right?! And I get more sleep when traveling too! I also go to Wrangell for a month or 6 weeks every's really mellow there I sleep A LOT.