Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday Night Fun

Alena! was on fire when we played Scategories!
We had 10 playing Apples to Apples, it's the easiest group game and very funny too.

YUM!! Whole wheat crust, Canadian bacon, pineapple, artichoke hearts, olives, jalapenos and tomato.
CB felt sorry for my plant!
A bit of Guitar Hero World Tour was nice to hear rather than those mean games!
We played games, ate homemade pizza, a teen beat us at Apples to Apples and I think Alena! won Scategories. CB re-potted a very sad money tree for me (Thank you!) The darn teen boys played X-box until 4am (they swear it was only 3am..whatever! I couldn't sleep with all the noise, but I wasn't awake enough to chew them out) There were various beverages, but nobody over-indulged, I was just a bit silly :)


  1. Gosh, that pizza looks GOOD! What a fun night, I think cookie's place is Party Central! Hope to see you tonight!

  2. I play apples to apples and scattagories with my special ed students as a reward on a regular basis... so y'all were building vocabulary as you had fun
    AS a school board perosns bet you already realized that.


  3. I had a Great night CD, Alena and Everyone else!!
    When and where are we meeting up tonight? Are we going right to Unisea or Starting off at the Cape for nibblies first?

  4. I love that he saving your plant!! lol The guitar hero band looks rocken!

  5. I have a cutting of a money tree plant, but it's not braided because it's just one stalk! I've never been able to get a whole braided one here :( CB is such a sweety, always helping everyone - half the time with out being asked to do so! I can't wait for when I'm going thru and have a night out with everyone!! I don't go anywhere until May though!

    The pizza looks great! I love hawaiian, and adding the extras making it look and sound more appetizing!! Especially the whole wheat crust!

    I've never played apples to apples.........

  6. Apples to Apples is very easy and fun! Shhhh don't tell all the kids and teens that they're learning VOCAB..they all HATE VOCAB LOL... Plants hate me...every one I've ever brought into the house has died (even a cactus) this one I inherited from a co-worker who moved. It stays alive because people remind me to water it! I left the poor thing in the car overnight but it seemed to fair OK. CB was so kind and repotted it, even going outside in the COLD to get pebbles for the bottom of the pot!

  7. I got a voice mail when I called too. Call the hotel to get my cell if you want......wait, just got a call from Alena. 10pm at the hotel to start?

  8. You gotta love CB. I dont keep plants anymore cuz im just tired of killing them. So glad you guys had so much fun!

  9. I talked to her too...we're watching Season 4 of the show to get Martha up-to-date LOL (We never watched it, can you believe it?) JUST in case she has a photo op tonight...stay tuned LHIZZZZZZZZZZ...ohh man it's after 9. I need to get ready LOL.

  10. Howdy! Haha! I spent my Friday night playing World Tour too! (I harbor a secret desire to ROCK!)

    Oh...a photo op???? Oh my...Oh my, my, my!!!

    That pizza looks ridiculously good and CB is an angel for his plant re-potting and his corned beef shipping! LOL!

    I'm glad you guys had such a great time!(...Mel, that ginormous shelf behind your that the scrap-booking hold?)

  11. Yes it is! It goes floor to ceiling and I have the same amount of paper stored separately. !(it's ok you should see what my beloved spends on his boat, truck, fishing supplies, hunting supplies and moose hunt!

    My plant looks good BTW :) yay it will live!! CB is so good to everyone!

  12. ohh her photo OPS will drive you insane Lihhzzzz....

  13. I admire your what I'm going to dub your "wall of awesome!" Trust me, my painting/drawing/whatever supplies take up a whole room, I get it!

    CB needs to visit me, my poor plant...if it could talk, it'd just be screaming "murderer!"

    I saw some of them on CB's blog! *sigh!* That post is just chock full of handsome! *stares dreamily into the distance for far too long...* Uh...feel free to post more! lol!

  14. I will!! I've put myself on 'striction from ANY new posts until I get 2 more assignments done for Health Law Class :( ohhh wait I can't...Alena! and I swore to not go there....ohhh bother.

  15. *sigh! alright, alright! :P No, seriously, good for you. It's important to keep ahead of the curve with the schoolwork it's more important than posts and pics...but only a little...a very, very little little. hehehe! ;)