Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ohhh Why Didn't I Have My Good Camera??

The weather was just awful this morning! It's better now. I'm not going to Juneau, it's for the best, I'm sort of bummed though. I'll get over it.

There was a seal on the ice in Margaret's Bay today (the one you see when sitting in the downstairs restaurant at the hotel) I don't remember ever even seeing ice, much less a seal right in town! (but I just started being a "regular" at lunch!)
I had a Lions Club committee meeting and I only had my junky camera! So frustrated! He was cute.

Sorry CB I didn't come find you (you were probably really busy with all the stranded passengers.... I know the restaurant was busier than I've ever seen it!!) I had to wait to get salads to bring back to the office and it all took a long time.


  1. IS Junior still going along with Katherine's Daughter and the rest?
    And yes, it has just been crazy all over the hotel. We had people trying to get to the airport a 5AM!!! this morning so they could be first on the wait list!! The hotel is full and the restaurant is doing Gangbusters. I have been in meetings all day, dealing with employee issues and by the time I was told about the seal it was gone. It does not seem to be getting warmer so maybe the seal will be back tomorrow!

  2. Wow, that is really cool! Thanks for posting that! Things have been crazy with trying to get everyone off the island for their vacations . . . . .

  3. CD awesome picture I like the seal thanks for sharing it.

  4. Can't believe my eyes. Currently I'm residing in small Italian city that looks like a picture postcard from Mediterranean. Almost all year it's warm and sunny. Can't remember last time it was snowing. And the seal, being so close - unbelievable! Reading your posts and seeing pictures make me realize that Unalaska is something quite different - so interesting. The island has so incredible landscapes, real untouched nature!
    Few years ago my friend was living in Unalaska (maybe still does, but I haven't heard from her for a long time). Her name is Evgenia and if my memory serves my she was working in Museum. Talking to her I got to know Unalaska little better.
    Really looking forward for your next posts!

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  6. OPLG to me: "Yum yum! Rich should put that on the seafood buffet menu!"

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww poor cute seal!!!! (I have tried seal and sea lion. I like sea lion a lot more!

  7. The pictures of your family are really great...good looking fisherman there,too. As I read your blog, I find it inspiring, intriguing, and exhausting. I,also, am very glad the days are getting longer but here the days in winter start no later than 7; a 10:00 start would be very difficult...