Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Should We Go??

Salmon dip (yum!), blueberry muffins, and the first batch of kulich YUM YUM YUM (Russian Easter bread) of the season --Irene of course! I pouted and promised my husband would share lots of fish with her if she makes me a loaf, she knows he will share anyway LOL
I made my delicious spinach-egg-feta cheese burritos on whole wheat tortillas this morning for her "work" party
Birthday girl Judi along with Claire and Gigi (Jane)
Pirok, alladix (sp?) a flourless cake -- I have a kid whose allegic to potatos, tomatos, peanut butter, wheat and barley...I need to get better about making things like this for him. And quite possibly the most delicious parfait EVER!
I want fancy china dishes!! We have Tupperware!!!
Biggest Winner??!!! HA! It's practically impossible.
??? I JUST KNOW she LOVES to be on everyone's blogs! I see her everywhere!

Sunday was a pretty mellow day, I skipped a brunch invite to lounge on my couch for way too many hours. I did attend a tea part/birthday/fund raiser for Judi. It was fun and the snacks were incredible! Yesterday absolutely nothing of interest happened in our worlds. I did workout, I watched TV, I worked. My boys were just hanging around, my daughter did her piano lesson and swam with friends, at least someone had energy!
I can't decide whether to travel to JNU or just blow it off. We have a lot to do this weekend, many events HERE at home (not unusual) and I'd only see my husband for 1 day, he'd actually be gone when I got back :( Not good.....
I should do my 4 papers for school too........ ohhh decisions. I need a piece of chocolate peanut butter cake CB :)


  1. ...more food!! lol nearly every blog has some good looking food on it, not good when your hungry!!

  2. We have a lot of parties, I love it!!

  3. Wow Cd your burritos look great. I think you all have some great parties what fun. I don't blame you about blowing off the Juneau trip only one day with your hubby kind of stinks. i hope the ash blows off soon. You have a good one gal. I'll be thinking of you all as I enjoy our warm spring temperatures here.

  4. The Next time we have Friday night fun I PROMISE to make it for you.

  5. ohhh ok...fine! not that I need cake, I had 2 stale graham crackers, I'm good :)

  6. ok..weirdness...I was the one that said I had 2 graham crackers not matt??

  7. Don't go CD!!! Spend the time with your husband ;)...You and I both know our time together is too limited!

  8. YUP! He's in Unalga pass right now..that cannot be fun at all today! I canceled 5 minutes ago. Why bother with the snow, the wind, volcano drama, school, work. It's too much. I'll stay home and have a happier fmily!