Sunday, March 29, 2009

NEW Party Food Invented!!

That giant slab of fish is half of a king salmon! It was absolutely amazing,..Chris was unable to stop munching on it! I had a bit, but was still hovering over the King Crab McNachos

I need to have a party just so I can eat the dish that Bruce McConnell invented last night at Don Graves' birthday party....It was an amazing spread of food as always at the Graves' house --sushi, king salmon, artichoke crab dip, 7 layer dip, pizza, salad, cheese and crackers, meatballs, rice...the list goes on & on with strawberries & raspberry jam on angel food cake too (YUM!!!) All of that was delicious, but Bruce invented King Crab McNachoes (the Mc is for his last name) king crab and artichoke hearts and a bit of onion all chopped finely mixed with some shredded pepper jack cheese (not a lot) he put a scoop on each chip individually and lightly sprinkled some more cheese! I'd have added a jalapeno slice on was sooo good my mouth is watering remembering them...ohh that could be because it's after 7 and we haven't had dinner yet LOL.... I want to have an excuse to make these was soooo good. I ate 5 or 6 and forgot to take a picture. I have to have them this week??? hmmmmm Alena!, CB? Sonia?? We need a party!!

I had Sirhana take pictures of the rest of the have to track her down to get them! It was fun even though my husband was sick and didn't come :( darn gastritis..yuk.


  1. wow. sounds delic. You guys really party a lot up there! going away party for CB!

  2. nachos make you fat. I have proof.

  3. Gal Those McNachoes sound great. Glad you had a fabulous time hope the hubby gets well soon.