Saturday, March 14, 2009

Part 2 of the Busiest Day EVER

A local welder-artist has a very cool collection displayed right now...we have so many talented artists in this town!
The Muesum of the Aleutians is very nice, I love this gut coat!
Martha used to live a baseball throw away from Peking (danger!) nothing has changed, the decor, the workers, the food....that's good --I think??

It's snowing really hard out right now, I'm sort of excited, big fluffy flakes, not like a "bad storm" but cool and wintery...Martha McGuyver is also a photographer with a very cool camera, I bet she gets some great shots today!
We met friends for lunch, Martha's fortune said she'd expand her circle of friends (she did) and the poor teenager who keeps being stuck with all of us silly grown-ups and boys who play shooting games and NOT Rock Band got a fortune that said something about attending a party with people who had strange customs--that's not us is it????

We went to 3 stores, the Museum of the Aleutians and Peking restaurant...half of us LOVED Peking, the others not so much. Martha scored a print she's wanted since she lived here --it was STILL at the Grand Gift shop! She got a GREAT deal, she's very smart, polite and persistent!

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