Sunday, March 08, 2009

Too Much Good Fun Lately!

We've been too busy lately, I never get anything done!! I went to Bunko and brought Sonia who just moved here two weeks ago...or maybe it's 3 now?? I think she liked it, it's a very complicated game --ummmm NOT! Except if I try to roll, talk AND keep score I always forget to keep score...opps!
The "boys" were playing Halo...again. We got back to our house and decided to play Scategories. We were laughing and having a GREAT time...before we knew it all the teens had quit playing Xbox and joined us ..I LOVE IT!
OK.. off and running the the next event...crap, I need a weekend to recover from this weekend.

If you look at the 1st pic Evan is totally cheating off my son...what would that accomplish? THEY BOTH LOST to the MOMS! Even the 2 geniuses LOST TO THE MOMS -HA!

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