Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Husband the Champion

I'm crabby today, but a quick post to brag about my husband...he is the racquetball champ again, he played yesterday while I was slaving away in my cubicle. After snowshoeing, but before walking with me...he was a bit tired last night!!! He has been the champ for years now :) Instead of a t-shirt or a trophy we got 3 months added to our family pass at the rec center VERY VERY good prize..thanks Tony and Jeff :)
Shane with the USCG is moving back....that'll be some competition for him, he's looking forward to that. Shane is some sort of professional (?? do they really have professional racquetball players??) Shane will beat up on him and he'll improve, that's all good.
Ohh note to self..the kids say those shorts must go and some new longer ones must be ordered!!!


  1. roflmao kids say the funniest things. Congrats to your hubby!

  2. Congratulations on your hubby's racquetball achievement. The local highschools and colleges around here actually have teams that go and play each other, never been to a game.Hee Hee love your kids shorts comment.

  3. great year round activity for the family too

    Take care of you!!! We love ya

  4. Yes .. longer shorts. Nice legs though! hee hee Congrats Troy!!