Saturday, March 21, 2009

Professional Procrastinator's Friday Night Fun

Sonia trying to print something, we were waiting for her daughter to call after the March Madness event at PCR
What's up with Ozzy???
I lost Phase 10 really badly! I think my daughter won, or was it Alena!? or maybe Sonia??
Go Peach Go!!! (we got quite used to 12th place!)

Sonia and Alena! came over last night with a boy each, I wanted to see what the big deal is about Wii, so I let my middle guy bring his Wii and Guitar Hero World Tour into the living room, we had some dinner from Dutch Harbor Fast Food (why don't they deliver???) I played Wii with Alena, some Mario Racing game, ughhh makes me motion sick. And Mario and Sonic Olympics, we ran and did the trampoline too. I did fine when I figured out where the "A" button is. We had enough after that, I hear there are MANY more to try, so tonight I will try a few more. We played a couple games, had a martini and a couple mugs of Irish Coffee --It's St. Patrick's Week still......right?? I heard a rumor when running errands this morning that Alena! has quite a headache LOL silly girl had plans after she left us...I sorted some Unalaska rubber stamps to sell for the "Bring Martha MacGuyver back" fund! It's snowy, but a nice mellow day, soccer is over!!


  1. Um .. I think I need to buy some new shirts. I'm wearing that brown one in just about every pic you have posted of me on your blog. But, it's comfy!!

  2. ohhh it's your weekend shirt LOL... ok going to make that salad now..

  3. Looks like you had a great night. Phase ten is fun. Played Mnario Olympics on a Wii liked the running. The bowling game is cool I do better on the Wii then in the bowling alley hee hee