Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OK OK OK Geez...

The infamous duck farts --they tasted like coffee.
Look very closely at the stem, nahhhhh don't....
It's OK she's known him for years!

She just needs to move back to Unalaska, everyone loves seeing her!

One happy librarian!!!!!!!! Jealous anyone????

I was just teasing! GOOSHHH!

I **ONLY** went to that place for my buddy Martha MacGuyver! She traveled 2 days to get here, she wanted a picture with one of THOSE guys...as long as I'm confessing I will admit we watched Season 4 of THAT SHOW over the weekend. I still haven't seen season 3, I loaned it to a friend in ANC without ever watching it on TV or at home (I have a BIG pile of series to watch)....And I was very annoying, I told those dudes that my husband is cooler...he goes out there and has retirement AND insurance....I'm just a major dork and should stay home on my couch writing essays and studying about health information law and not talk to anyone, ever LOL... I want CB to talk to me again...soooo I'm confessing. I had a great time, everyone was fun and happy, especially Lauri from Life on the Rock, she is adorable!! Thanks Alena! and CB for introducing MM to your friends.

We still made the brunch at 10am the next day!!

Now CB, stop pouting, K? We have lots of pomegranate 'f'ixins here still and that AWFUL green potion to conquer too! Here are a few of my pics...


  1. I am not pouting!! I just had the day off and was doing .......things.......with a "friend".
    I do not know why you did not post right away. I know nuns that have had wilder nights at a bar!! You were a perfect lady, and yet I still had a good night.
    Lots of Fun! We MUST do it again!!

  2. ok good! We were at the Grand today to get some crab for MM to take back home and you weren't there :(

    Tell Alena! I was a perfect lady LOL she wants to duct tape my mouth shut..
    I'm going to bed, the last 5 days have been hectic.

  3. Great pics! I love THOSE guys, those two out of THOSE guys that is! LOL! I'm glad y'all had fun! I can't believe Trav is somewhat shaven! Ah, a Crosby hug...never a bad thing! I'm glad your friend had such a good time!

    CB obviously has some skills with the cherry stems. You know, I still haven't tried a duck fart...I know my time is coming.

  4. lol. Its nights like those that I seriously wish I lived up there. CD you need to go find this mysterious person CB keeps hanging out with! Send pics via email if you have to lol.

  5. Are confessions cleansing to the soul?
    CD you are doing many great time intensive and unpaid community and personal activities. You go girl!!

  6. I can soooooooo here you saying that about insurance. soooo you!

  7. I am meant to be home on my couch, I tell ya!

  8. I usually HATE pics of me...I'm way cuter in real life...BUT the one with Crosby and I is darling! LOL I had a great time....

  9. you're a doll Lauri and Crosby, he's OK too.