Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st Bonfire of 2009

BRRRRRRRRRRRRR! He's out there in shorts and a t-shirt (he didn't burn that last pallet, the night was over when the snow really started falling)
The snow was starting!
Me looking ohh so good --not! Like my lime green jammies?? Health Information Law is a hard class with 3x as much homework as my other classes!
He's piling them up for us to sit on.
Dad was playing some rockin' 70s music while working on the door, not used to staying home all day walking in circles...my daughter needed to dance! (swim club starts for her in a couple of hours, that will keep her busy until summer!)

Breaking cheap plywood is fun when you're REALLY bored!
It seemed warm...maybe the wind was just warmer than usual? It was only 40 degrees, but my middle guy who is not allowed to play much Xbox this spring break was bored and wanted a fire...he used his mad Cub Scout skills to start one with some pallets that have been rained and snowed on for months! The cardboard that came from around a new storm door helped. (don'tcha hate it when your storm door gets broken from wind and an 11 year old who doesn't remember to pull it shut? The stupid thing cost a ton to get flown out here!)

I was studying..but went out for 20 minutes.

I made some interesting steak and potato hash sort of thing with leftovers from dinner with friends on Sunday also, nachos and some unique vegetarian, spinach enchilada casserole with all the leftovers from the big taco feast. At least we can get to the milk in the refrigerator now LOL...OK back to studying, really!


  1. well he at least did something useful! He got rid of all those extra pallets. I bet you cant wait for swimming.

  2. were are you guys living at now ? are you closer to town or still out ? Iam diggen the ninga skills! And the 70's grooven Ü hey and stop reading your comments and get back to home work missy! ;op

  3. omg busted! LOL LOL...I'm getting ready to head to swimming. We got a HOUSE! Almost 3 years ago (after 8 yrs in the apt) it's WAY out in the valley at the base of Pyramid, past the park.

  4. No X box? Whatever he did, he is not in jail, so it can not be bad enough to take away x Box!!
    The Diet must be making you mean CD!!

  5. Cookie - Happy Tuesday ! I think you look absolutely beautiful sitting on the pallet, and when your blondiest sneaks thru, it adds to your charm! As for Health Info Law - I found when I was asked questions, my standart reply would be " I think that falls under patient confidentiality" - it saved me on many occasions. I hope you have a Super, Spectacular, Outstanding, Gorgeous Week!

  6. haha yeah "patient confidentiality" isn't deep enough for this tacher! Must have AK Statutes, common law or Federal Register rules to back up the answers given!

  7. ohhh Cb...he has a C+ in math! We hate that!! The other one is expected to get straight As because HE CAN! Little bro is completely capable of Bs....Dad was sick of him pacing and did give him 2.5 hours a day LOL

  8. good for making him improve his grades. if hes able to get B's make him get them. CB...my kids have a Wii...know how often they use it? almost never. Only when the babysitter is here.

  9. omg tell me about it.. a good door for the outside of your house costs your first born practically!! I paid 165.00 for a door at Home Depot, by the time I got it.. I had paid just under 1000.00 for that damn door with all the shipping charges!!

    oh yeah I remember getting privledges taken away for grades that I slacked on, when I knew I could do better, but I didn't want to seem like a nerd (being in such a small place I got picked on A LOT)... but at least I pushed myself and graduated with a 3.8!!