Saturday, March 07, 2009

5 More Days

I'm so excited! I won a free airline ticket from UAF last fall and keep changing my mind about where to go and when. I was going to see my friend in Kentucky, but then I'm not sure why I didn't go...the getting from Chicago (it's an Alaska Airlines ticket) to her house in Louisville is always a problem. Then I was going to go to Portland to see my sister and her family, that didn't work. I was traveling too much around the time I booked that trip for. I found out it's expiring soon. We have nowhere to go and several trips planned in the next couple of months.
I decided to offer to bring my friend "Martha McGuyver" (she can make or fix anything so that was her nickname)to visit. She and her family moved to Unalaska right about the same time we did. She has 4 boys, I have 2 boys who where about the same age as hers. (our daughter was just 6 months old) we became friends immediately. We started a Tiger Cub group the next month and did scouts for the entire time she was here.

I took my kids to Louisville once a few years ago, I just haven't made it back. We loved it! We went on a road trip and saw a lot! This picture was taken at the Biltmore Estate (OMG, LOVE that place!) I'm so excited for her to come back to Unalaska and see everything again! To have a break (she's now raising her boys by herself) She deserves a break!!
Poor thing has a very long journey ...over 2 days each way. 4 flights!! I like hanging out in airports, I get emails written, books read, naps, I enjoy quiet along time...I hope she does too!!
We'll do all the tourist things and try to have at least one get-together too!
I just booked this 3 days ago..I can't believe she leaves in 4 days and will be here in 5 days!!!!!

Today was busy! 2 soccer games, a bunch of groceries purchased when it's raining sideways. blowing about 50 knots --that was fun! I have bunko tonight and there is yet another Halo party here at home...when am I supposed to write papers and get my assignments done?!!!


  1. Busy but happy life. The plane trips sound just so long and chancy.. probably need hotel money if you find yourself stuck along the way too!!!
    PenAir is so weather dependent.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Iwish I had a friend like you!! You are truly wonderful! Didn't you just love the Biltmore Estate!! You should see it at Christmas time - Beyond Beautiful! Have a great weekend! You're a little Party Princess!

  3. Have never been in a plane so cant say either way! Hope the visit is fun!

  4. Oh man! It's so great to see old friends again! I got together with some great friends tonight...we hadn't hung out in years! I hope you guys have the best time!!! That was a wonderful choice for that ticket!

  5. We do have a lot of parties it seems, it's a good life.
    Kim, I can't imagine never going on a plane. I do it monthly! My kids all flew from the time they were a couple weeks old! 2-3 day trips...up to a week are the norm here.

  6. If I'm not on some kind of deadline, I don't mind long flights. My 30 hours in Dulles airport after 17 days in Central Europe was NOT relaxing..LOL. I just wanted to get home.
    Like you, I can't imagine not flying. I have been all over the world, and those trips are truly some of the most amazing life experiences I have had.
    I'm so excited that you will get to have your dear friend with you. How long will she be staying?

  7. Very cool that your friend is coming to visit! And yes, you are a busy woman! No time for school work! What were you thinking?! :)

  8. OHHH, Thank God!!! I thought it was YOU leaving for a few days!!! Even asked Junior about it! Good to know you are still here when Katherine is going to be abandoning me again soon on city business!!

  9. I would love to see the Biltmore in every season! I once took some online test that said I am meant to live in Ashville NC --so we had to check it out! It's sooo lovely there, so different than Unalaska...but so not going to they have jobs running large patrol vessels for dramatic fisherys? Can king crab, salmon and halibut be obtained from the bays?? Yeah, we're going to be here or Kodiak forever! Thank goodness for airtravel.

    Mystic-- oh my goodness why didn't you get a hotel for a day? I would not make it for 30 hours..I was thinking 5 or 6 hours tops LOL..
    I was a travel agent and then a ticket agent for 7 years I traveled all over the world was easier with no kids, then one kid, with 3 we taken just 2 international trips, mostly we visit family/friends.

  10. CB you're abandoning us though! And Junior and I will be going for School Board business soon...he came home head down :( poor dude WE HATE daylight savings here!!! But he wants me to order the suits he says, "They're important."

  11. Cookie - I live in historic Charleston, SC, know to locals as Chuck Town. I have visited Ashville numerous times,and say the following with absolute certainty - large patrol vessels - NO King crab, salmon, halibut - NO Atlantic Ocean - NO Ashville is inland !!!! You're so cute!!!

  12. See all those reasons will keep me from my perfect location, darn-it! I'm stuck on islands in Alaska for life :)But I will travel all over the world, see how it is there...then come home!