Monday, August 31, 2009

RANDOM Shots of a Dull Monday Night

PT: "Dude you look tired, let's go take a nap"
10 minutes later this is what I found....the History Channel on the TV and 2 snoozing kids.

We left PT sleeping & went to the Art Club European trip meeting. Jr was groggy and wearing socks with flip-flops again! Ughh why?? I saw other kids sporting this fancy look too. It's getting chiller and they're not ready to give up the summer shoes I guess.


  1. Ha Ha CD my kid does that, must be some weird kid thing. Then my kid wears flip flops in the winter, kids they do the darnedest things. I hope the meeting was interesting.

  2. I am still grinning at your twitter senior year is exhausting and I am not even the kid in school!!
    I say drink it ALL in CD.. you are building relationships and memories


  3. Mama you are so right! After our trip to Cabo things are going to be a lot different around here :)