Sunday, September 06, 2009

Big Decision --New Direction for Me

Some clothes for eBay....I don't like garage sales. Why I prefer all the washing, ironing and posting on eBay I do not know! I could just give them away....but I will watch my shows and do my project!
A big shelf in the process of being organized. The bottoms shelf is book and movies that I decided we do not need anymore. I have another laundry basket of movies and TV shows to put on too. I need less clutter.
Junk I took off the shelf and will put away today.
Stuff ready to list.
Half of my rubber stamps that I'm selling...It was a big choice. I'll sell 99% of my stamps, but keep the paper and scrapbooking stuff. The stamps take up too much room. I love them, but won't ever have the time to make cards, I have too many interests.

I haven't gotten to one section of stamps yet, but I've got school supplies, scrapbooks and games on this shelf, easy to access. Meaning I need to work on the scrapbooks and we need to play games!

I haven't blogged much this week, I have 6 posts in mind, I'll catch up. WED-THUR I had a terrible headache that went away as soon as I quit my job on Friday!! I put in my 2 weeks' notice....I have sooooo much to do at home and with the kids, for the kids. I have 40 pounds that need to be gone and I need to sell about 500 lots on eBay (not even exaggerating!)
I ripped the house apart, I'm working on re-arranging just about everything, I am tired of looking at the same stuff, need to rotate "stuff" a bit ...I'm sure there is some deep meaning behind all the cleaning, culling of extra stuff, but all I know is that I needed to do it (and I HAVE to finish with this round before our vacation in about 3 weeks!! We've got a grandma coming to stay with the kids!)

This is Unalaska....there was a lead on a part-time position in my in-box that I hadn't checked in a day that I found 2 minutes after I quit. I have to hurry and do my projects as I'm sure I will not have too long to be a "lady of leisure"


  1. About time!! SOme of the blog followers were getting worried!!!
    I know how hard the decision was for you, but you should know all your Friends trust your choice.
    PLUS now you can be Super Mum to Junior in his senior year. I hear he is already walking around cringing...........LOL

  2. CD we must be on the same page, I have been doing some house cleaning here. I gave my kiddo a set of dishes and microwave for her house. she and the fiance have been cutting up dead trees and brush. They are trying to clean up the piles of trash, stuff left behind, and years of undergrowth. The neighbors burns wood so they are getting all the salvageable wood so far they have a good size pile. Next project will be burning all the brush the local volunteer fire department said they will do a control burn after they get through.
    I hope to have her old room cleared and cleaned in a couple of weeks. I want to move some shelves in to put all books on them. We are going to cook out tomorrow night. I think spending time with your kids is important if you work too much you miss things. You are not overweight and deserve to be a lady of leisure for as long as you need to. We need our "ME time," too. Good luck on your cleaning project.

  3. Thanks Margarita....I do need luck on my cleaning project...nahhh I can do it if I get off the laptop!
    CB--if Jr is cringing he can stop coming to me for help and having his 11 year old sister be his fill in too!

  4. I am so happy for you, CD....I know you made the right decision, now get to work on that clutter or I am going to call the show "Hoarders" on you ;)