Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Calm and Mature BBQ @ AG's House --NOT!!!

Racing or was it tennis?? They did everything, bowling looked fun!
The intense game of Scene It! I think the females won? Who knows, the 10 year old BOYS were rolling the dice and we seemed to get 1s all the time while they got 6s hmmmmmmm..
AG singing some Miranda Lambert.
Mandy and the 5th Melly in Unalaska....I love it!

Jeff after he discovered his door!
Here's how to TP an apartment door, I love it!
I think it was Guitar Hero Country??
Mr AG relaxing

Playing Scene It with AG and her husband is hilarious! And then there was the TP-ing of the neighbor who didn't come to the party...they do live in an apartment building so it's a bit difficult to TP a door --they used duct tape!
We had BBQ'd silver salmon --yummmy a bunch of stuff to nibble on, a salad that I threw together, a lemon cloud pie that was LE's contribution and an ice cream cake. Lots of Rock Band...or was it Guitar Hero ?? Who knows. Scene It! for Kids and Adults and lots of laughing....a fun night, it's been awhile since we've done that...thanks for having us all over guys!


  1. five Mels in one small location... and another nice get together to share thanka for the post (copied from that other place)

  2. Wow I love it 5 Melly's very cool. The decorating of the apartment door with TP is original hmmm wonder if I could do that to kids door. Hurray just got a call from the driver kiddo's fridge, washer, and dryer will be delivered some time tommorrow. I will get my freezer back no more moving 5 huge plastic bags of frozen food to get to something. She is excited she will be able to use her frozen lasgna.
    Got a funny for you the electric window in our caddilac slipped off the track fell into the door yesterday took it to the shop to get fixed today. Before leaving for the shop had to remove my huge snoring kitties from the front seats they were not happy. After returning from the shop found two snoring kitties asleep in the huge flower pot. LOL
    Glad you had such a good time.