Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weird Week

Big day..Rock Band Beatles arrived from ANC --ET brought it home with him as he was over there for a Cross-Country trip.
Dick Peck & Granddaughter...Dick has been a HUGE help in encouraging Jr. to complete the work and massive amounts of paperwork required to become an Eagle Scout...all the badges and requirements were done when he was 12 and 13. Just the project was left. I think the paperwork is in order and on the way to being approved!! YAY!! Nobody can remember an Eagle Scout EVER in the Aleutians....the council has no official records, all I've got is talking to people that have lived here 40, 50, 60, even 80 years.
I took CB to the beach for a last quick walk and to feed the birds with bread that he won't be needing. There was a ton of sea glass...I mean, it was horrible there was NONE and nobody need waste their time going to any beach in town --or out the road looking for sea glass :)
This is what I see from my back window of the spawned-out salmon...not very pretty, but it's the circle of life.
Manderzz has a ridiculous amount of new clothes this year...she's having a lot of fun with them!
She's 11 and can buy on ebay and knows how to shop, even find discount codes, signs in and applies them...she's a shopping prodigy, am I proud?? Not sure.

There was a little going away party for me this AM at the staff meeting...makes me sad, but not sad enough to stay! I have stuff to do! :) My boss made me a monkey to match the other one she gave me several months ago and an adorable little scrapbook of pics from the past 3-4 years --as long as she's been here. Not bossy, not "the big boss", not my direct supervisor boss --the regular boss...getting the idea...lots of bosses!
I appreciate the gifts and the party a lot, they were homemade and adorable!

I'm trying to tie up loose ends here in the office and looking forward to all my projects and even more projects AFTER our 16day vacation. We're going to pick up a puppy from Palmer on the return, what a better time to get a dog, I'll be home with him.

CB is leaving in a couple hours...the weather is looking decent enough...whewww.

2 kids are sick now...It's going to be a longggggg winter with many colds I fear.

I'm busy for the next several nights too, cna't get my hair done until Saturday. I'm sporting a messy Sarah-Palin bun sort of crazy hair-do.....I NEED to be repaired :)

Sweet Irene brought my hungry kids a large portion of pirok last night (fish pie) Very excellent timing as I napped instead of making dinner and hung out with CB for awhile before he took off for vacation...no more hanging out until mid-October when we get back from our vacation...


  1. Hey CD...Please leave some beach glass for me, as it was ME who turned you all on to MY beach.....;) LOL

    What kind of puppy are you getting? You simply must bring it by the library (I try to always have treats for the local dogs)....

  2. really? A dog? Maybe has been long enough since last pet mishap - but puppies are so cute. Love yummy puppy breath!

  3. no cats allowed....as much as I love them...I want to go for walks and throw sticks :) T will take it duck hunting and on the boat.

    Lauri...I make sure YOUR beach is stocked with glass :)

  4. Oh no beach glass shortage on the beaches we are having some heavy thunder storms maybe that will make some stormy weather and bring in new beach glass. What a nice thing for your boss to do a party and a scrapbook. I know you are looking forward to your Cabo trip/ vacation. Good luck on getting all your projects completed before you leave. I am almost finished with the clean up and furniture rearranging in kid's room. My next goal is tackling the big storage closets they have all sorts of things in them.
    A puppy what kind are you going to get? Having a puppy to go on a walk with you does sound great.

  5. An Eagle Scout, isn't that awesome to know. We are helping a group of 4 boys too with our school CrimeStopper Club earn projects towards that ultimate goal. That is really an accomplishment young man. Mamawas is proud. Way to raise them CD.

    I almost was able to meet Brain at Seatac this week, one day off!!


  6. haha being saecastic about the sea glass! Trying to keep it all for myself! I'll be orgainizing lots too Margarita!

    I'm proud of Jr too! Quite an accomplishment --especially since he had 4 leaders die in front of him at the Jampboree when he was 13...very tragic, he never had much enthusiam after that.

  7. I need to find all my old beach glass and post on my blog...I have some incredible pieces that I've found over the years...Also, on my 40th B-day, I found a glass float out at Summer's Bay...it was wedged in between some jagged rocks, but not broken...I was so happy!!!!

    Thanks for making sure MY beach is fully stocked LOL You are the BEST!

  8. Chops, I am so excited for all of you. I love the Rock Band picture. I totally love all of your kids. They are so old now, it's weird knowing people since birth. Can't wait to see you. I only ate 1800 cal. yesterday. I have lost two pounds total so far, slow & steady. I have a new motto, walks R us. You are a great role model in sooo many ways and your kids are too. Love y'all, Me and Hunter for sure!

  9. WOW!! A glass ball at Summer Bay...that's an amazing birthday gift. So close to town!! You should post your glass...I have a couple books, I never get tired of looking at cool pieces.

  10. heheh "kins" now everyone is going to wonder what "chops" means!
    We'll be there soon --only 12 more days.

    I'm a role model? hmmm taking a break from being a working mom to stay-at-home still busy mom?? LOL thanks?

  11. I'll dig it out and post it...Yeah, the glass ball was a real find...I've bought some of them in the past, BUT there is NOTHING like finding your own!

    I'll try to find my glass and post on my blog. You've inspired me!

  12. I know what "chops" means and am not above taking bribes!