Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday & Saturday with Friends

He has eyes!!

Manderzz getting some more layers.
It was a bit brisk at the beach.
I'm going to get used to the cold --I'm brining a puppy home and CB and I told ourselves we were going to walk all winter (maybe good glass to be found with all the storms?)
I like this pic of MS --she's so fast at finding sea glass for her mom! Abob is great too --but we didn't have any boys or their friends with us this time.
AG finding the largest piece she's every found --and very done --like a jellybean...
MS spotted this puddle and thought it was so cute! I agree.
AG and her man!
T is looking a bit tired after the trip.
MS playing volleyball! She even scored a point! Horray!
The team they played (Unisea employees??) was formidiable!

Friday we met AG and MS for dinner then ran a few errands, walked the track while watching AS's basketball practice. After all of that was MS's first volleyball game. We watched that and waited for "the dads" to come join us. The boat came in during basketball, we had things to do! They come & go so often that we're not blowing off a kid event to go be cold at the dock --not to be mean, but live goes on... There were a bunch of teens playing games and staying over on Friday night, I was too tired to visit them...I get that way after T has been gone for a couple weeks...
Saturday we met up with AG and & MS ran errands, went to the beach, the Moms worked out while my kids got their hair cute (finally!) well, except for the oldest. He wants to have someone else cut his --whatever, just GET IT CUT!


  1. OMG I really need to stop wearing that god-awful bun in my hair!

  2. How cute love the hair cuts. Hee Hee got mine done short bob this time and all sorts of highlight colors. It's like a rainbow of shades very peppy looking. Kid likes it wants hers done. Capt. T does look a bit tired there. You will enjoy walking with your puppy.