Thursday, September 17, 2009

After Tomorrow....I'll be "JUST A MOM"

Our last was the best picnic ever --45 people came!I will miss Gussie and Marie from Head Start, I didn't get a picture of Marie somehow....I had fun with the kids there and Marie's salad...OK I can still eat Marie's salad at 2-3 events per year around town. I love it too much to eat it more often than that!

This is Annette the boss than makes me monkeys and brings me lime green things :( she's got a great heart this is her fixing me up after I "Victornoxed" my finger a month ago.

Pattycakes --she works part-time, but I'll miss her, as she's way too busy to hang out with little 'ol me.
Gigi hasn't worked with us for a few months now, but I loved her happy, "Hey y'all" when she'd come by our office.
Irene...she's awesome. I've loved sharing an office with her!
This is a party from a couple months ago...but tomorrow --same menu! YUM!!

Sonia oops, AG who was there for awhile this summer and a few other co-workers too.

It's finally here, my last day at work is tomorrow. I'm feeling nostalgic tonight. I've been getting going-away gifts all week -- I took pictures, of course my memory card disappeared, again! It'll turn up...hopefully by tomorrow. We had a breakfast on TUE, Alena! took me to lunch on WED. I did my "exit interview" today with an HR person in ANC, that made it real. Tomorrow is a last lunch, our favorite pizza: Canadian Bacon, pineapple and jalapeƱo --we'll miss you Alena! (she's out of town)

I've got a ton of things planned to do, we're going to Cabo in 2 weeks, the puppy, I will be busy, but I'm not going to talk to Alena and Irene all day (I share an office with Irene) and Cathy, Patty and Annette too, weird! I'm going to worry about everyone's travel and appointments! (I'll get over that I guess) It's been 5 years. OK 9 days short of 5 years if one is technical --Bossy.

My two youngest kids are still sick, ....they will be home for 5 more days with a second prescription. Jr. and I are still hanging in there, not really sick, but right on the edge :( Not good! My husband is in Adak, lucky for him, a good place to be right now!

I really am having mixed feelings about quitting. I have a lot to do, I'm tired, I am frustrated...but I'm used to being there and I actually enjoy my job. OK, I'm stopping, enough being a wimp. Monday is PCR (AKA the rec center), cleaning, getting ready for Cabo and getting my lots for eBay ready!!!


  1. The end of an era! We had some fun times. You will have plenty to keep you busy and hopefully will enjoy it all so much you won't miss working. :) See you around town, of course! Hope everyone gets well soon.

  2. CD I know you will miss it, but you will adjust and will love being Supermom. It took me awhile to get use to being Supermom also, but it was a great relief to be able to just enjoy being mom. The holidays will be here before we know it and that is always a hectic busy time. What kind of puppy are you getting?
    I am going to start the clearing of the attic this weekend. Seems like we both are doing the cleaning/ organizing thing. Hope the kids get well and you don't get ill. Wow Cabo in 2 weeks awesome.

  3. Good luck. Sometimes you have to take time for yourself. I hope you get all your projects done! I have a ton to do myself.