Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lots of Glass After the Storms

Dills and PT cracking up!
5 teens and entirely too much technology!
Is that our very own cheerleader in a letterman's jacket??
My haul! Lots of very old pieces!! SWEEET!
AG found a crumbling boulder that just fascinated her.
A perfect light blue piece of sea is rarely "done" We've concluded that cobalt blue never gets rounded and pitted, it always looks sharp --has anyone found a cobalt piece that is really sea glass?
opps the camera was set on black & white..

I'm wiped has been busy and weird knowing that I only have one week left. I've got all the piles of "stuff" that I pulled out which I've been putting away when I can. My husband will be home today! For a whole day and a half...boat trip, the glamorous life of being married to a boat guy --they're gone, a lot. So glad I've just got a week tired.
So...on Thursday night it was warm-ish and calm-ish. AG and I went to Glass Beach to see if the storms had stirred up and sea glass, we ran into CB, and all searched together.

We had 5 extra boys over last night for job was to try to keep them all fed --3 of them are well over 6 feet and were starving -- I was sound asleep when they all arrived, Jr ran to the store and I fed them convenience food and homemade cookies -- I had dough in the freezer.


  1. CD gal you have the best beach glass luck. What a haul you got. Love the new "Cheerleader." CB has a cool looking jacket there.
    Wow you had a houseful to feed. Capt. T. needs to get you a huge bullwinkle for that many boys.
    Kid has her new appliances and I have my freezer back. I can get to all my goodies without unpacking all her stuff. I sent them back to the house with 4 boxes of extra kitchen utensils pots and pans that never get used. I have more room on my shelves finally. I also unloaded and sent home with them the extra crock-pot deep-fryer and food-processor. I can now finally use the two extra shelves for storage. How is your organizing going? I have just about cleaned up kids closet and room. I plan to move shelves in for storage of stuff.

  2. Cooking for 6 teen boys and you just left a job....could be a financial disaster.

    CB is going to send us sea glass soon I bet

    I am a real FB addict so see ya there too