Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Don't Feel Like a Lady of Leisure --YET!!

My camp-Q art work that Manderzz made a couple years ago.. that's her on the left and me on the right. They're taped to the cupboard so I left them there for someone else to throw away....I couldn't do it!

This gift is so random and very sweet, I think? The janitor gave me a bottle of cinnamon vodka he used wrapping paper even! It's going to take me a decade to work through it--unless I invite Alena! over to share :) We're thinking it's a holiday mix with apple cider and the like.My various duties over the 5 years with OWC. --the one that is faint is travel --that was my favorite duty! I'm a travel agent at heart :)
Annette made me the cutest little scrapbook with pictures from work and notes from my co-workers!
Kathy gave me a jar of mossberry jelly, I've never tried it before. I've never even picked mossberries. Note to self: pick berries next week --if I can find them!!
Annette makes these herself! I have a boy one too...I love them! I'm acquiring quite the collection of sweet homemade animals between these 2 and the sock creatures the kids make.

From the going-away breakfast on Tuesday.

I had a busy last day on Friday, we had my 2 favorite pizzas (veggie and the jalp-Canadian bacon-pineapple) I have a follower in Canada now...sooo do you know why it's called Canadian Bacon??
There was hardly anyone in the office, KD was sad and made me sad too! We were silly and misty-eyed. Alena! snuck out on Thursday and Irene on Friday right at 4:30! LOL... I totally understand, I'd have done the same --we HATE drama!!
I went over to the office this morning and filled AS in on some of my in-progress files. THAT was sad...she's very sweet and kind. Like Alena! said-- there's always early morning blood draws!

The 2 sick kids are getting better, Dyls is fine now, Manderzz is still coughing, but will be fine for school on Monday.

It's just Saturday, it felt, well like Saturday not different from any other weekend. For not having any "events" I kept very busy -- I did sleep hard for 2 hours from 3-5.

I got my hair done today --finally!!! In the middle of my appt CB called from Edinburgh, not impressed with his hotel for tonight. He sounded as clear someone here in Unalaska...very cool. He's visited the college Jr. REALLY is hoping to go to, but didn't get to try the McFlurry :(

I saw David Millman from the CM? A season or 2 back Working on pots alongside the road as I ran errands back & forth from the airport. I had to get HEAVY boxes of moose meat from the cargo place and haul them home and put it away, very annoyed!!!! soooo not part of my duties! I also had to get the heating guy to work on the boiler in our house in Kodiak -- NOT part of my duties. Good thing I'm not working or else I'd complain! My husband has been gone a lot lately between patrols and moose hunting.
I think that Sig passed me today too. I'm sure others know where he is, I don't pay attention. I thought of all the DC fans and how CB is missing out!!


  1. "Canadian Bacon" that is served on U.S. pizza is usually just ham. We don't know why you guys call it that. I think it's just a marketing thing. The closest thing we have to Canadian bacon, other than just plain ol' bacon, is back bacon, AKA peameal bacon. Great on the BBQ and usually served on a bun. Hope that helps!

  2. CD okay here you go True Canadian Bacon is back bacon but what is served as Canadian Bacon is the US is tenderloin or ham. ( this is according to Googled food questions.)CD you and I both got our hair done, me a trim followed color highlights, think rainbow LOL.
    Sounds like you have been very busy running about getting everything done. It is raining heavy here has been for the last few days and scheduled for the beginning of the week. I am hoping to get through the attic cleaning by the end og the week. Glad the kids are getting better.Flu season is beginning here Ugh.

  3. There will be plenty for me when I get Back CD. I am just enjoying Scotland now that I am out of the Hell that is Edinburgh!!!
    Not Long to your vacation.
    Tried to call last night (Early afternoon Your time) but had a horrid Connection. Maybe I'll try from the Colootie Well today¬!

  4. I love the pic on Manda that is just so flippen adorable!!

  5. I love that pic of amanda too...way cute!

  6. Nice send-off too...LOL forgot to include that in my last comment...