Sunday, September 06, 2009

Art Club Members Working Hard

I WAS being a picture pest, I admit...sorry girls!
MS & Dills manning her table.

Manderzz filling in for her brother at his table.
Jr. improvising a double boiler for ganache.
Juno playing in the chocolate topping on her cake balls.
Manderzz is so sweet to help!
Root beer icing.
Mini marshmallows going into the root beer float cupcakes.
Jr. Giving AN a lesson on separating eggs.
Happy Jr!
AN hard at work.
Juno mixing her alladix (fried bread)

Thursday night the kids took over the kitchen after I made some food for dinner and cleaned it :) (was a off week for sure....I think that was the only *real* meal this week) thank goodness for bagels and sliced deli turkey!

They made root beer float cupcakes for a classmate's birthday Friday, cake balls --the new favorite treat, creme bruele, mixed up alladix which Juno fried before the sale and creme puffs. Juno's mum made some gorgeous chocolate chip cookies too. They also made Italian sodas with some friends and there was fudge too.
MS made two of my favorite treats of all time lemon bars and Rice Krispi treats. There were several other students selling delicious treats too --I bought a delicious homemade pretzel --yummmy.

They raised some money toward their trip to London and Paris, everyone worked hard without even asking for help...well except for commandeering my debit card to buy ingredients and Jr having Manderzz work his table while he was working the last Friday night deck BBQ.


  1. Wow your kitchen had lots of yummy stuff being cooked in it. I would be getting tons of yummy things they all look so good. So glad they raised money towards there trip. Hey Super Mom of a Senior bagels and sliced deli turkey is a great meal. Hope you have a great Labor Day.

  2. Happy Labor Day! You quit your job??? OMG!!! Can I have it?? Just kidding, do not need a third job! I have not been able to look at anyone's websites at work anymore because the firewall will not let us look at personal websites. Buggers!

  3. Thanks M, you're always sweet to me! AS fed my kids lots of food at her house yesterday and I know Jr gets plenty of food on his own. Soon I'll have the house back together (I hope) and back making meals...

    J --Sure, take it!! I've got stuff to do at home! You really should just move up here :)
    I will be working hard on my piles all day, after I blog a bit and watch some Dr Who :)