Monday, September 28, 2009

Manderzz is a Winner! And Grandma Buddy Arrives!!

Grandma is here!!!
Everyone loves
Ummm I think that's MY carry on sure looks like I should be the owner :) Manderzz' long legs defintely come from T's mum.
The kids having some blueberry deliciousness!

Manderzz won 3rd place in the youth category! Horray!
Manderzz' delicious muffins
Juno's yummy "blueberry twists"
Jr's fabolous "blueberry bread pudding" he used some of my cinnomen vodka in the sauce that was baked in and used as a topping...soo good, we want more! The sauce was described as "instant death" by PT --whipping cream, sugar, butter and vodka, so teah pretty much instant death! Or at least a MI
Jr is comtemplating starting his recipe, Juno working on her homemade crust.

Manderzz won 3rd place for her blueberry muffins... they had homemade blueberry jam in the middle and big sugar (cane sugar?) on top -yummmy! Jr and Juno both baked wonderful items too. They didn't win, but I think they should've! (I'm not prejudiced at all!!!)


  1. I'm glad I met Troy's mom today! She seems REALLY COOL! I liked her a lot! And, yes, that should totally be your carry-on suitcase! Maybe it mysteriously disappears just as Grandma Buddy gets ready to leave! haha VERY COOL that Mandy won 3rd place! That was an awesome prize! And, JRs dish was good even though I don't like blueberries! :-)

  2. Why do I see CD making a midnight carry on switch LOL. WAY TO GO MANDERZZ. All the blueberry goodies looked delicious. I agree they all should have won, but I am biased too. Kid brought us a fish a blue Beta. He lives in this big glass jar with glass rocks and live water plants, eats a little and has too get his water changed periodically. We have placed him on the table where we can watch him. He seems quite happy. She has my big kitty staying with her right now chasing away any mice that might be trying to move in the house. We still have the dog here. They are working on the yard and cutting down dead trees. The rainy weekends have slowed down the yard work, but they are working when it is clear. The house is really beginning to look great.

  3. Congrats to Manderzz! I love anything blueberry. Seriously, y'all should put out a cookbook.

  4. there is a blueberry bash cookbook! Im in it a few times, I USED to win all the time haven't even had time to enter in 2 years!
    All sounds good at your home Margarita!