Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 Days, 5 days, 5 days....But Who's Counting??

Here's me, doing an interview, talking about running for school board. We'll be in Cabo when the candidates forum takes place.
I ran into Gigi at KUCB!I had cleaned up my mess before I remembered I had my camera. I worked on "Alaska" pictures, salmonberries, salmon, halibut, field trips to a UCSG Cutter and the Stimson, vacation shots from around the state.We're getting back into scrapbooking...Only Ana and I are coming so far. I need to get all the others inspired again! We all have so much "stuff" we need to get back into the habit, plus it's nice to visit!A couple trips to "Lauri's Beach" Sorry for finding the huge and gorgeous red piece!

I am counting down! 5 Days until we leave for Cabo....I'm not researching and planning like my very organized pal CB did, but I'm excited! It's just the 2 of us, over 20th anniversary!! We never even had a honeymoon --it was red crab season when we got married??? I can't remember WHY I chose fall. We've been to Cabo before and there will be plenty of time to choose things to do --or just to lay around the pool, who knows, it's our 20th anniversary, it'll be nice and we'll do a few activities I'm sure. Certainly Wave Runners --Alena! and AG!! I CAN handle it.

So much for being lazy -- I've been frantically trying to do all the projects I've wanted to do. most importantly putting all the stuff I pulled out away, neatly or get rid of it. That and organize/clean my kitchen and all the rooms. All this has to be done by Sunday! I've been working out (I think I like the scale at the rec center, I'm down 3 pounds --I'll just keep using that one!) Miss you R! Going there during the day reminds me of when you and I and Manderzz used to go all the time!!!

Manderzz should be able to make it the whole day in school today, I tried to send her Monday, it didn't work, bad mommy....darn cough.
Tonight is the 1st meeting for the "2010 Parents' Committee" We have to raise enough money to throw a kick-ass party for the graduates. PT's parents are helping so much, thank goodness for them. I'm into it, but more worried about getting the house organized enough to leave for 2 weeks and not have my mother-in-law and kids stumbling over piles that I never got to!


  1. Jumping up and down WAVING!! Shoutting Ana MEL!!!! I wanna scrap with ya!!! Seriously need to figure out a time to come out there!!I also miss working out with you SADNESS!!:(
    I hope you have a GREAT!!! time in cabo!! i can just see you running around getting all of your list done before you leave, CHILL already. ;op

  2. heheh hey! You didn't mention missing cardio and the weight room at the PCR?????


  3. The weight room i miss!! Cardio i NEVER miss freaken HATE it!! hence my big fat ass! ;op I go to the gym here its a great gym but not as fun with out a friend to go with every morning. ~~~ Dont wanna visit in the winter i DO NOT miss that one bit!! summer now i do miss there cause it is mosty beutymess then~!

  4. lol you caught me! I was HOPING maybe you had forgotten about OCT-MAY OK maybe JUNE. I guess since you lived her what 10 years?? there is no forgetting about the gray-soggy-windy world of Unalaska when it's not "summer"

  5. Oh my gosh! You found MY red piece! LOL what a haul. Good job!

    Have a great honeymoon in could you NOT have a good time in Cabo?

    Anxious to see the "treasures" you find there.

    The next 4 days are supposed to be UGLY, weather-wise, so more glass should wash up and I will find ALOT while you are gone :)

  6. CD you are going to have a great 2oth anniversary/ honeymoon in Cabo. I can just see you flitting about like a hummingbird trying to get everything done. Don't push yourself you don't want to be too tired then you won't enjoy Cabo hee hee. I think fall weddings are special the crisp air, pretty foliage, etc. Tell Manderzz to get better soon. I am down with a nasty cold myself. I am hoping it doesn't go into the flu. Wow what a beach glass find you did well gal.

  7. Have a great time on your Neuvo-Honeymoon!!
    Still Trying to find the perfect gift for you!!
    See you in a couple of weeks

  8. Have a great trip and come back all relaxed and rejuvenated! Glad to see you the other day. Hey, you didn't mention the HAIR. LOL

  9. hair? hair?? You mean that my eyebrow waxing wounds were practically bleeding?? I remember nothing else about hair!

    We should brunch when I get back?

  10. CB--just have fun, don's worry about gifts --unless there are earrings made from sea glass from the cool would that be? Have you seen any sea glass?
    You didn't mention my HUGE red piece!

  11. They have great sea glass in the UK - I've given Goldfish sea glass jewelry from there - old glass factories used to throw their reject glass into the the ocean 100 years ago and it still comes up on the beaches! Have a great vacation, we saw you on Flash last night, lookin' good. Vacationing during the candidate forums - that's the advantage of running unopposed!