Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blame Jr...It's All Him....

Evidently there are yearbooks still at UCSD from the 90s and Jr (NOT Juno, NOT MS, ONLY Jr) found these pics and wanted to share with everyone! Any guesses who these cute kiddos are??


  1. LOL how cute I say ummmmm CD. It is raining here again sigh. My yard has turn into a huge mushroom patch. I will have to mulch them up when it stops raining and the ground dries up. Are you ready for Cabo?

  2. Don't know the answer, wondering if payback will be involved in your decision to post the pix however??


  3. heheh that's exactly what Manderzz said!

    I can't believe nobody could Margarita, it's not ME!I went to school in's my favorite local who's about 29 or so!

  4. Well, I'm pretty sure that's Alena! on top, but I don't know who those other two are! Spill the beans!!