Monday, September 07, 2009

Can There BE Any More to Do in One Day??

PT kept getting Yahtzees with 5s! He won both games.
Dills winning a heat :) hooray!
The UCSD Swim Team Jr High and High Schoolers
I love these guys!
At Don's party.
Famous Unalaskans that we sat with! Anyone recognize ZS from the disco party??? He's running for City Counsel this year
1st party of the night...trying not to eat toooo much as we had another to attend. We didn't have dessert...that's something hehe...
Manderzz working hard! AB holding the ladder for her.
Painting is fun, we'd never done it. My husband always paints and shampoos the carpets....I'm grateful, but I may start painting, I'll never shampoo carpets though!
AB loves painting....he painted all of us in addition to the buildings.
AB's parents having fun!

After "relaxing" for the summer...meaning traveling and doing lots --or not (Wrangell) and having people over and enjoying outside activities. Things are "back-to-business-as-usual"

Saturday was Zumba (aerobics with a Caribbean/South American flair. VERY fun) at 9am, a community swim meet at 10am -- I admit we were STARVING and made a deal with Dyl --we'll bring him lots of Chinese food if we can sneak over to the one restaurant on the Unalaska side before the end of the meet. (Dutch Harbor Fast is NOT fast food, not in DH....makes little sense, but it's a decent place to eat). We should not have left, we missed him win a race?.. Heat? I do not know the lingo --help!
I did see him win one before leaving. Not bad at all for a 8th grader swimming against high schoolers and adults.
How bad are AG & I? We took his sister, his best friend and girlfriend with us to eat....geez I feel guilty now that I write it. Next time I'll eat before the meet.
At 2pm we painted school bus shelters until it was time to scrub off the purple paint off our hands and faces and rush to a going-away potluck for Margaret the school Secretary for 22 or 23 years. AG is "the new Margaret" Note to self: don't say that anymore, everyone does and I bet she's sick of it!!

The last event was a City Counsel Candidate's forum at the hotel --almost got AG to eat a pice of calamari heheh..... When I got home Jr and PT were playing Mancala. PT wanted to play can I turn down a 17 year old that asks me to play Yahtzee? We played two rounds, we are NOT good! Nobody ever made the bonuses on top... we need a grandma to teach us some strategies!
I was asleep by 10pm....


  1. now I know where else to read the blog!!!

    Keep the "lost art" of playing board games up it builds great memories!! I was so floored when you guys were playing my favorite classroom game of Apples to Apples over the winter!!

    PS CB and I are within a day of running into each other at SeaTac next week!!! Love to meet everyone eventually.

  2. CB told me about you almost being in the same town at the same times as him! It'll work out sometime!

    I AM on the School Board still. The election will be while we're in Cabo...I'm unopposed haven't heard about any write-in campaign...yet! :)

  3. AWWWWWWW!!!!! Look, Manderzz ALREADY has AB holding ladders for her!!! Tehy do make a cute couple....................LOL

  4. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! no.......I do not know anything of the sort!

  5. Awesome job Dills Way to go !!!! CD you days sound like mine at times. I hope you keep you school board seat, IMHO you are the best person for the job. Love the bus shelters cool purple paint job. The dinner sounds like it was tons of fun. I stink at Yahtzee too. Bad Bad Bad CB for even mentioning Manderzz and AB making a cute couple.
    Take some time for relaxation.