Sunday, August 09, 2009

Confession: I CANNOT Hit a Golf Ball!

These 2 made $26 retrieving balls from the lake! They're soaked!
AG after her roll down the hill.
The view from above.
By hole 9 we had SP hitting for us!
The hills were a challenge.
EE is so cute!
The dude whose team passed us...but he made up for it with the gift of a the best tundra tee ever --even drunk people can balance a ball on top of a section of garden hose!
That's not a latte she's carrying.
EE resting. The tundra is very soft, really!
Alena! or the Tigress Woods as we named her making more tundra tees...she had EVERYTHING in that backpack, protein, tape, dowels --they work almost as well as soldering rods. Even paper towels...just in case they were needed!
AG resting.
Ohh yeah baby! Her best hit of the day! (the fog came back for awhile)
Mid-swing of the greatest shot ever :)
Rumor has it that is a world-trekking blogger wearing that king's robe!
AG successfully jumping over a stream.! Good job!!
SP taking a snooze.
SP is a golfer!
The beginning of the course is deceptively manicured.
Manderzz taking one of my turns at the beginning --before the girls ditched us!

AG finding bushes while looking for balls at hole number 2.
Yeah, pathetic.
Is that EE or the missing Hilstand sister??
Bossy is practically a professional.
The offical team portrait!
I ran home after my morning shift at the registration tent, took off several layers of warm clothing as there was sun burning off the fog (exciting!!!) Grabbed some beverages too. Manderzz and AG & MS and I headed back out to the golf course. I couldn't explain to AG how to get there as my best explanation was turn by the Westward apartments, go past them to the right and then another right after awhile. It was better to go with her, plus she was my DD for the day!
MS and Manderzz wandered off, eventually called for a ride home --they'll be washing the car of the ride-giver today! Alena's family and EE's also documented us a bit (our guys were out fishing...imagine that!)
Some highlights....AG found a little mini-forest of bushes to forage, we had to cross rivers, swamps, go around a lake, me hiding behind a WWII bunker (don't ask!), Alena! going up hills muddy and tundra covered without even slowing down...not regular hills but vertical hills! I slid down on my hands and knees. I was trying to pull myself up by holding onto weeds. AG rolled down one.
It takes me about 5 tries to hit the stupid little golf ball. It may be my lack of depth perception or my unique build --my arms don't seem to move as well as my less-endowed teammates...who knows?? Alena! --who has a passion for golf that we didn't know! She worked at a course in college and has participated in Tundra Golf since its inception --Bossy is a many-faceted individual :)
Ray is going to pitch hit for me today! I will be there, but it's just not worth the hassle of me trying.

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  1. Hee Hee uh huh hiding behind a bunker CD were you hiding from the golf balls or the other golfers? LOL You look like you had a great time. Love the image of you pulling your self up the vertical hills by the weeds. We have some of those huge verticals here. I use the pull my self up with trees, plants for going up and the old sit on my tush and slide down method Send Manderzz and her buddies this way I got 4 vehicles she can wash.Kid should hear soon on if she gets to move into a house or not we are waiting for the former occupants to leave. I hope she does then my backyard will be returned so I can get it looking back to normal.