Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Regular Friday Night With Friends

All anyone is seeing of me at midnight is my feet. I'm sure I looked very tired and had some scary hair going on.
Manderzz was entertaining the 10 year olds while the moms watched a movie.
AS fits Dills' Carhart suit --sooo cute for going in the skiff or working with dad outside.
Everyone was too hungry to look up!
It only cost me $12.50 on X-Box Live to get my car washed.

I slept for 3 hours after the picnic....was on the go from 5am until 3pm....only 10 hours, but I needed to rest my eyes...3 h ours later I woke up! Oops. I straightened up a bit and made dinner for my buddy AG and various kiddos. She had a super busy day (until 8pm) without a 3 hour nap.

We watched a cute movie then Dills made a little fire. It was so calm and warm, I've said it before....I love the month August!!


  1. I hate it when I wake up before 4AM (which I reluctantly accept as my biological clock's wake up time after fighting it for years.

    So much of family and especially teenage life happens around 12AM and early risers just cannot be awake at that hour. Thanks goodness for afternoon naps on some days.

    Looks like y'all start school the week before Labor Day from a few blog entries. Is that about right? We are back and I love it!!!

  2. School starts tomorrow and I won't be here...not a great thing :(

  3. I get up early I do love naps :)

  4. Cd you and I love our naps LOL. I sacked out yesterday in a comfy chair while kid was moving stuff around me. She is trying to get into her house by the middle of next week. We have been cleaning out loads of trash left by the former tenets mostly junk. She did get a nice dresser that she can use. We are having a friend of ours to check the structure of the house, floors, porches, etc. We want to make sure it is safe.