Friday, July 17, 2009

Lazy Summer Days

Jr. did the insides of this yummy cake and Juno worked for hours making homemade fondant, coloring it (it's lavender not white as it sort of looks in this pic) and did the letters free-hand. They're so cool...when they want to be.
More treats! Margarita! You're spoiling us...we're getting chubbier by the day! I've got some dip mix and fat-free cream cheese to eat those delicious chips with! The kids will eat the Moon Pies of course! I'm sharing the strawberry cookies with my co-workers and the nuts go into the big bowls with the other pecans, we NEED to have that pecan night, when the weather turns cold again, it's too nice now! Thanks!

I think when the teens have stayed over so much they're mentioned on my morning to-do/reminder note that they should start having chores!

I don't know if it's my thyroid or I'm just tired or what...but I've been home the past 2 nights and the weather has been lovely! How lame is that? My husband will be home SUN and we'll be busy I'm going with I'm resting up for a busy 5 weeks with him! He'll go moose hunting after that with his buddy. Then shortly after that --Cabo for our 20th anniversary! See? There is good reason to rest :) That's my story and I'm sticking to it. At least I cleaned the kitchen and made dinner last night --I even BBQ'd meat! ) I cleaned while the teens ran errands for me. They are wonderful and helpful at times...THANKS GUYS!!!

Jr and Juno made a cake last night for her mom's b-day today Fondant covering 3 layers with raspberry filling and frosting too, I'm impressed I think fondant is way too much work!!!

It's also my sister's birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'lil sis!! Enjoy being in your's going to end soon :( I've got a order in my cart at the store where we all have wish lists (sheeshhh.... put some fun stuff on your lists! I love non-fiction books too, but birthdays are for FUN things!)


  1. The cake sounds yummy. CD just blame the tiredness on the weather I have been. This week has been a lazy one for me as well. I have been almost like a hibernating bear. Just rest and don't worry about it let the kiddos run the errands. So glad you got the package I am experimenting with the new flat rate shipping boxes. Our friend down at the post office gave me several different sizes of boxes for shipping things. I hope you like those chips they are a new brand we liked them they have a great taste. Hey you guys are not chubby and you do need some spoiling.If the weather cooperates we are suppose to get some rain and the temperatures drop to the low 80's after being in the 90's for the past week.

  2. LOL you're so sweet! Drop to the 80s? I can't imagine! We get so excited if we see temps near 60! Anything over that is "hot"!

  3. We actually did get some rain just a sprinkle some wind and lots of thunder. Wow temps. in the 60's we would welcome some of those. The humidity has been very high makes it seem even warmer. Sigh I have been just relaxing. I got some great salmon at the store I plan to grill it some time this weekend.

  4. WOnder if the thunder echoes in the mountains and the bay??
    Betcha it does.


  5. Your "list" kills me!! I love me a list though!! Not that any of mine EVER get done!