Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grandpa Arrives! Heading out Camp Q

He's here!! My husband has been waiting 11 years for his dad to see Unalaska!
The M/V seemed huge when I was a kid. So many ginormous vessels come to Unalaska it doesn't seem THAT huge anymore.

Salmon dip & crab for the potluck.
On the deck waiting for the crew to secure the ferry and get the ramp up (seemed to take forever!)
We saw him in the solarium before he saw us!

The ferry was later than the harbor guy said, darn it! We waited for 90 minutes, but my husband's dad is here! They're off looking at boats...or something. I'm heading out to the culture camp to see what the kiddos are working on....we had some crab that was taking up precious room in my husband's freezer --halibut, salmon and MOOSE are more important to us...and I made some salmon dip too. I'm down to 4 pints of canned salmon. Time to put up several cases!
More on camp later...


  1. Oh, that crab makes my mouth watering looking at it! Happy to hear your father-in-law made it safely, hope he enjoyed the ferry ride! You have a great weekend and maybe I'll see ya'll out beach glass hunting.

  2. The crab looks great hee hee we must be thinking alike I got 2 boxes of King crab yesterday. My friend the seafood manager at our local grocery was able to get me some split/ scored legs. I think I'll cook it tomorrow. She also got me some wild salmon. I will grill it some time next week. So glad your father-in-law arrived even if it was 90 minutes late. Looks like the ferry ride would be interesting get to see all the sights. Have fun at the camp.