Saturday, July 04, 2009

Dangerous Heights, Snow Angels, Dinner, More Games, A Bonfire and Crab Pot Climbing Too!

Some ginormous crab pots appeared in our yard while we were on vacation.

JP being his usual cool self.
Dills, JP, Jr and ET. The older boys graced us with an hour of their time!
AU and JS...they're keepers, I don't' want them to leave!
Dills with a toasted green peep! THANKS MARGARITA!!!
Prepping their sticks to make "cave drawings" AKA scribbling in charcoal.
AS making a s'more.

Our crab pots?? They're a bit big even for our large-ish skiff!
MS's stick is a bit floppy (no trees here, slim pickings on the hill across the street!) I need to go to storage for the store-bought marshmallow sticks.
Manderzz having a s'more.
AG wearing some of our Unalaska clothing...she looks so cute!

MS won this round of Apples to Apples! Go MS!
They played ..something??? I read a magazine.
They were chatting about US and giggling!! WHATEVER!

Amaretto Sours, blended! The most delicious beverage in the world I think!
So cute!!!
Snow Angel in July!
This ledge is really very freaky! The rest of us stayed back 15 feet!
We were SO busy today! A drive up Ballyhoo to look for whales and to watch some dumb guy walk out on a ledge that should not be walked on, a drive looking for horses, which we didn't find --so we played in a pile of snow we found on a hill. We met for dinner at the Grand on the deck, grabbed some food for a picnic dinner tomorrow night ...and a "Few" sale items too!
Then some Wii was played and some Apples to Apples until the teenagers who had trucks brought the pallets for the bonfire! It's after midnight and just about to be dark...LOVE this time of year!!!


  1. What a fun post! Looks like ya'll had fun!

  2. CD it looks like a great time was had. Hmmm I know offer the crab pots for sale "Real crab pots similar to those seen on DC buyer arranges delivery of pots/ pot," LOL bet you would make some $$$. That ledge looks a bit unsafe there glad CB didn't get hurt. Snow in July it is unreal. Send some of that this way we need the moisture. You have such fun thanks for sharing it.

  3. was the dumb guy on the ledge taking pictures by any chance?