Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

The Unisea float looked REALLY good!

Fun!!! More of us lame-Os need to have spirit like these folks, I am guilty of not participating, I admit it.
That masked woman is Lauri from the library....and say hi to her boss Dan!
We liked his Garfield slippers!
The scouts. A pretty small group, I wish there were more, maybe most are on vacation?
We had about 40 when my boys were really into it!
Pam from the PCR...looking patriotic too! I love it!
MS Juno's mummy...she had the most spirit of anyone in town!! You look adorable M!!!
The Alyeska Seafoods float...Very festive!!
Juno and BL her dad.....CUTE CUTE CUTE....But that mohawk dude?? Why do people keep doing that to their hair ughhhhhhhhh!
Anyone recognize the happy Girl Scout leader from DC? Something about a captain's bet and $800???? hehehe you're SO cute DW! So are your Daises!
Waiting for the parade to start...yes AG is bundled up in a sleeping bag! The girls painted their faces and wore patriotic colors...good job guys!

It was a bit brisk and sometimes "misty". My wonderful friends drug me to the parade...I made them take me home before the bbq or the event at the school...I'm bad, don't like to be COLD! I'm sure someone else went and documented the events??
The parade was short, but I'm happy for everyone that DID participate! I did not and I admire those who did! Juno's family has the most spirit of anyone! I've got pictures of all 3 of them!
We're having a BBQ here tonight, some are watching DC, some are at the bonfire, Jr and a few others are in search of more pallets. I think we're going to play some scene it? Soon. But I'm sneaking a post in!


  1. After all the bonfire fun, the parade looks great. So glad fun was had with the peeps. The Unisea float is awesome. Happy Fourth of July to All of you. I am glad you had a great Holiday.

  2. Hop blogger let's me post!!!
    Loved yesterday's post fun climbing crab ts and messing around.

    The July 4th parade is so m town saw yor"freezing" tweet, so the sleeping bag and car made sense.

  3. Hi CD! That was the most fun I've had on 4th of July since Carl's and the Elbow Room, after walking in the parade, I went to work, then enjoyed a FABULOUS barbeque at Mary & Emil's house, then...we had a bonfire on the beach and watched the AMAZING fireworks display....!

  4. We had a bonfire and a bbq my place then went down and hung out by patty's fire for the fireworks, which were GREAT!!

  5. The fireworks were great! The best I've seen in a long long time! Glad you had a good time, see you in the morning....I don't tolerate cheating either, just so ya know :)

  6. Glad y'all had such a good 4th! I saw it was kind of chilly...also, you're on twitter!?!?

  7. ohh yeah...don't quite "get it" but I'm there. I had to sign up back when the volcano was erupting to see what was going on with the flights...jsut search my name?