Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Beach is Definately NOT Glass Beach!

Anyone have a guess what this could be with the cute nubbin?
Daisys? I'll look it up at home in my "Wildflowers of Unalaska" book! http://www.press.uchicago.edu/presssite/metadata.epl?mode=synopsis&bookkey=271764

Manderzz thought the texture of this rock was very cool.
He's goofy sometimes. A bone from a fin? Again...I'm a blondie... Patty says it's a scapula. And I got As in A&P --both semesters! Oops.
I'm assuming this is where the scapula came from. No clue what it is. Anyone?

I think someone was fishing with a energy drink can, some line and a lure. There is a ton of kelp and a lot of rocks on this beach. I think they gave up quickly as the lure was like new.
Who would rock climb here? If you fell you are quit aways from the clinic and a long way from Anchorage!
In some places it was like someone poured concrete on the beach! Grandpa is so quick! He likes to be in front in case there are treasure to be found!

Manderzz liked this one too. There is a ginormous rock across the bay like this that I love. the water is 30 feet deep right at the edge of the rock, and it's got a pattern like the other rock picture I took...hopefully in the next week we'll make it over there.
Another rock climbing set-up...we should go AG! You first...
Flowers growing out of the rock.
She's not posing --that's her regular smile, really!
This was one of the rockier beaches we've hiked.
"Hot Man Chicken" My husband found this piece of wood....RANDOM!!
Anyone know the history of the gigantic anchor in concrete on the beach?

Last night we planned on walking the spit beach, but when we got there my husband suggested we check out the beach to the left...going out toward I don't know what I have absolutely no sense of direction. I went to the library to ask the famous blogging librarian...she wasn't there hmmph! You have days off Lauri???! So I asked the famous author Liberian Cora! http://www.coraholmes.com/ She knew..it's Ulakta Head...duhhh. I knew that.

It was evident that not too many walk this beach. There was only one piece of sea glass! It was a very unique piece, so that makes it worth it. Manderzz found it as she first stepped on the beach...for 90 minutes after that --'nuthin...ohhh I did find a new lure and Grandpa grabbed some metal circular things that go on crab pot set ups to enable undersized crab to escape. Evidently we now own a handful of these LOL, he got them for us!
It's still gray and I think I shamed the guys into going fishing today...I only asked if they're made of sugar, told them that Irene was given a silver already and lamented that I've forgetten what fresh halibut tastes like...I'm sort of mean!


  1. CD hee hee don't blame you a bit men like to do those manly things hee hee a little gray weather will not hurt them fishing LOL, Neat sea glass find looks cool, Hmm anchor in concrete um left behind by aliens to tether the scout ship to so after they explore they can return to the mother ship?? LOL Oh and the aliens are fond of rock climbing in the dark so they leave their ropes. That is a cool rock texture Manderzz found I like it. The big bone could be from a whale? I don't know if they have those kind of bones are not but it is interesting looking. Please let me know if ou ever find out what it is. You find cool things on your walks.

  2. OMG CD! That pic on home page of Manderzz is adorable!

  3. Oh yeah, I am off on Sunday and Monday....had I known you needed me, I would have been here! I'm always here for you, CD!

  4. nice "armchair" tour of the spit dock Thanks

    what's on the car seat??? large plastic cap to something??? looks jellyfish lik, but they are flat on land, not expanded??


  5. Lauri..I'm headed over to see you in 20 min :)

    Mama...that is my leg hehe wearing brown sweats, at least they're AE sweats not fisherman ones! It's the piece of glass that Manderzz found. odd huh?

    It's not the spit. We did that a few weeks ago with CB..this is the other direction away from the boats. It's rugged and untouched sort of.

  6. Hot Man Chicken? *spews coke* That is hilarious!
    I love treasure hunting! Isn't it odd how we break away from our norms when people come to visit?