Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Breakfast At Mag Bay...A Treasure-Filled Beach, Eagles and a Cute Fox Too

It was a cute little fox!
There must've been something stinky and delicious in that truck??
Manderzz has a sinus infection and an ear infection (I bet she never recovered fully from the virus in Wrangell a couple weeks ago? Who knows, poor kid! She's on antibiotics now though) Jr. and Juno were working on something that I'll share later...
Pam at breakfast this morning....I cut myself out of the picture..it was BAD! OMG!
Sorry AG...what were you doing????
The others are Lottie, Char and our new receptionist Lillian. Tomorrow is AG's last day with us, she's going on vacation with her family and will start her new job in August. I better see you often still!! boohoohooo...

We had a fairly small group for our Tuesday morning staff meeting so we met at Mag Bay, I've lived here 11 years Our official anniversary is in 3 weeks! A unique Unalaska fact: Everyone remembers the exact day they moved here! It's true! Ours was 8-7-98 -- I have pics of course, I'll share on that day....it was a very long trip, my husband had fun, I say it was great for me!

I'd never eaten breakfast at the Grand, it was fine...the fresh squeezed orange juice was especially delicious and reminds me that my organic produce should be starting again as we're supposed to be back home in a couple days. I stopped delivery until after July 17th our original return date.

Tonight Dills and I grabbed CB and walked the spit. The beach was loaded with jellyfish and crab shells and other random creatures, sea glass, shells and even a WWII shell that was complete. That was a pretty cool find. We have another beach that I've never been to tomorrow night if anyone wants to come --AG?? kids???

We saw all the eagles and the cute little fox driving back from the spit where we walked. See Mamawas they're still here!!


  1. YES, DEFINITELY, I want to beachcomb tomorrow! I need to build up my collection. I hate that I missed it today, my body just refused!! I don't know what I was doing in that picture! But, I like it! HEY, and quit cutting yourself out of pictures!! Wow, August '98 you were arriving in Unalaska and that was the same month we arrived in Ketchikan!!

  2. CD the fox is cute love the picture. Eleven years that is cool. Glad you had a good breakfast and meeting it soounds like a great place. Exploring the Spit sounds like quite a scavenger hunt all sorts of treasures.
    Hope Manderzz gets to feeling better soon. That sounds like a nasty virus.
    Have fun on your new exploration adventure.

  3. I was so surprised you have never eaten breakfast at the Grand,it is such a common place to hang out it seems.
    Thanks for the fam update


  4. lol yeah only brunch in the other dining room upstairs! I can't remember eating at any place for breakfast in the past 5 years, except a couple egg-bacon sandwiches at the Crab Pot Deli when it was open!