Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Camp...Bentwood Hats, Weaving & Survival Suits

Manderzz with her weaving project --next year she gets to make a basket! She's very excited.
A couple of her weaving mentors...Kathy Dirks isn't in the picture, they were all very kind and helpful....but she REALLY enjoys Kathy!
Pattycakes....with Ashley and her almost-complete mini-full-crown bentwood hat.

Dyl's full-sized visor, not quite complete. Next year-- a big full-crown hat like the minis that the girls made.

Manderzz' mini-full-crown bentwood hat. Needs some sanding and painting/decorating...good thing we have connections...Patty? We have cookies!??

Reid and Sarah Brewer had some of the campers/mentors/Q-tribe employee participate in a survival suit demonstration, it was great fun to watch.
Pattycakes the QUEEN of bentwood hats --she's amazing...travels to camps from Kodiak to Unalaska sharing her skills with many.....come over, bring paints, so we can get some of these hats finished, k? I'll bake whatever you're awesome and very appreciated.

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  1. The hats are great!! The kids did great jobs on them. I love the weaving also excellent. Your camp Q reminds me of the old art camps they used to have in colleges. Now most of the local day camps deal with sports, cheer leading, or water sports. They don't do the learning about cultures etc. much anymore around here, it is a shame. Love the gumby suit demonstration good things to know. Hee Hee bribing the Bentwood hat queen to finish your kiddos hats CD I love it.