Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beachcombing With Grandpa

Not much of a haul for a 90 min hike, but it was nice to be outside!
Nobdy even takes the driftwood from this beach that is right by town, it's just not easy to get down to.
Grandpa is very spry...we were impressed!
This was cool --a natural pool. There are rocks all around in a circle.
Grandpa modeling a pair of gloves he found right by Little Priest Rock
I've never been next to this big rock, I've only seen it from the road --did everyone know there is a hole through it? I need to be more attentive I guess. I had no clue.

Grandpa loves to walk on beaches! We can indulge him, gladly! There are sooo many beaches to walk here. We're going to hit as many as we can. We walked along the road to Summer Bay yesterday after dinner, it is rocky, steep and not the greatest beach...we have always wanted to check it out. All we found were 3 pieces of beach glass and 1 cute little shell. It's raining right now, too bad, we want to be out hiking another beach!


  1. Even after 90 minutes of searching, that is a great find! The shell is adorable...keep on huntin'!

  2. Nice finds. Wow there is a huge amount of driftwood on that one beach. Hee Hee get the kiddos to rescue you some for your fire pit. Hmm aren't kids suppose to be naturally able to get to all the places that are hard for us LOL ?. I love the rock with the hole that is neat. Awesome little pool formed by the ring of rocks bet it has some cool things in it. Glad your father-in-law likes to walk on beaches what a great way to spend family time and explore.